Transfer of ARC with a dependant

Does anyone have the info on transfering an ARC for an individual with a child?

the ARc transfer for the parent is straight forward, but how abou the child?
Any info would be appreciated

double post

the child’s ARC (residence) is based on you… I assume when you would be transferring yours ( although you do not really transfer an ARC), you perhaps are changing your job and thus purpose of residence and therefore need to be granted a new residence visa and your ARC needs to be modified, else a new one issued to reflect this.

Who is doing this for you? Your new school, new company or yourself?

I can see no problem with this after all their residence is based on you, therefore if you continue residence for a different purpose they should be able to continue residence as they are your kid. In fact they may not need to change their pupose of residence since their purpose of residence is you ( joining family). But check with the MOFA and cops to be sure