Transfer of Learners Permit motorcycle licence to Taiwanese motorcycle licence (Victoria, Australia)

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knows if I can transfer a Victorian (Australia) Motorcycle Licence (it would be a learners permit though - not a full licence) to a Taiwanese motorcycle licence. I know that I can do it with a driver’s licence, I have a full licence.

If anyone has the relevant link for this, that would be great.

Not sure, but a Victorian Probationary Drivers License was unable to be transferred. The letter from the authority basically said “come back when you get a full license”. If it’s not possible, should be fairly fast to find out in person - the manager at the Taipei MVO was quite helpful.

From what I’ve seen, the success rate for transferring any kind of motorcycle license in Taiwan is very very low, let alone a learner’s permit. I think it’s a safe bet that your chances are slim to none, with an emphasis on the latter.

This is pretty spot on.

I have heard of one and only one instance where a foreign motorcycle license that allows you to operate a bike 49cc+ has been successfully transferred to a local motorcycle license. This is because said foreigner had a contact inside the Taiwan DMV that could jump through the hoops of fire and the pit of man eating sharks to make it happen.

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