Transfering money overseas


Does anyone have an information as to the most cost effective way of sending money from Taiwan to Canada. It seems somewhat expensive to wire money (NT$300-NT$500) per transfer. Any ideas?

Compared to $40 a pop in the United States, it’s cheap. I will ask my wife tonight about this though. I remember she wired some money to our US account and cost less than $200NT. Is the account foreign currency or NT? Which bank is it?

The funds can either be in NT or Foreign Denominations, it does not matter for me. As for the bank, I have contacted several and it seems that the prices vary, however almost always fall between the ($300-500NT) range.

P.S. Thanks for your help!

There is a foreign exchange fee as well!

Might be better to open another bank account and get an ATM card for it - send the card home and get someone with the pin number there to withdraw the cash. You get charged about $100NT in ATM fees - I think?
Anyway - someone told me that this is the cheapest way!

Spoke to my wife last night. $200NT (at most $300NT) is what you should pay (plus foreign exchange fee, which, as I recalled, wasn’t all that bad). $500NT is crazy talk.

Flat rate I pay at E. Sun Bank (best freakin bank in Taiwan!) is NT320. The money is in my Canadian acount within 48 hrs. I always get attended to as soon as I walk in the door aswell. They speak English and all that. I refering to the E Sun in Taoyuan and also the one in Jung Li.