Transit in Thailand



Helloooowwwww guyssss!!
Do you ever transit 1 day in Thailand? if yes, can you recommend must see, must go, and must eat while transit?
Thank you!


Thailand is pretty big. Where?


near the airport i think. bcs thailand have heavy traffic jam.


There’ are many airports in Thailand


Close to the airport check out the busty ladies and blue lagoon bar. They are quite famous so just ask staff and they can help you


Yeah which airport is pretty important basic. What day of week?


Suvarnabhumi Airport


Suvarnabhumi Airport. saturday


Can’t do much better on a Saturday in Bangkok than going to Chatuchak Market. Or Tor Kor market near by is a good spot for lunch and to gorge on durian. Pretty full day


Enjoy some food. Or if you’re adventurous, you can go to a Muay Thai gym and pay a drop in class. They have beginners class if you’ve never done it. Or there are many Muay Thai fights every night in Bangkok. Beer is cheap, tickets are cheap.


Thank you for your recommedation~ :hugs:


Thank you for your recommedation~ :hugs:


Not to mention the haggis, they do good haggis