Transitioning to a non-teaching job and further opportunities

Hello everyone,

I suppose this question has probably been asked a lot before, but maybe the situation has changed ?
Is it possible to transition from a teaching job to a non teaching job, say in a start up or IT company ? I assume networking is quite important ? Mandarin knowledge as well ?
Is it troublesome in terms of work permit ?
I’m not in Taiwan yet but I’m trying to get as much knowledge as possible before making the move :slight_smile:

Have a good day !

You’re currently teaching outside of Taiwan and want to transition to a non-teaching job in Taiwan?

I’m not currently teaching, but I’m planning to come teach in taiwan and I’m wondering if it’s possible to transition to something else in the future. Maybe I’m thinking too much ahead haha

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It’s very possible. I’ve gone back and forth over the years. However, the problem for most is that you need to have qualifications, either degrees, experience, or both, to get a work permit. Or wait 5 years and keep a good income and you can get an APRC and work even at 7-11.


The problem always comes back to finances for me. Teaching English brings in enough money to pay for food and housing. I’d love to go work at a bubble tea stand long enough to understand how to make good drinks, but I can’t afford an apartment with a kitchen (let’s face it, in TW they’re not even kitchenettes) on NT150/hr. Working in IT isn’t going to get you the same salaries in TW that you could get in the West unless you put in the hours. At which point, you’re living to work, so what’s the point?


Thanks for your input !
I have around 4 years of experience in UX/UI design, but from what I’ve seen and read online, the taiwanese job market is not that interesting for that kind of job. That’s why I’m wondering whether it’s possible and/or worth it to seek a non-teaching job there :sweat_smile: I’m also curious about the start up scene

Yes its very possible. Don’t expect mega bucks thats all. Although after a while if you are good you can earn more than a teacher.

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Assuming you have a degree, that’s all you need. I hear it doesn’t pay well compared to most places, but it would be good experience if you see a future doing international work. It sounds like ESL isn’t your passion so another year of teaching experience isn’t going to help much long term unless you’re going to UX/UI design something in education one day, which does exist here. These are the popular job sites if you want to look around:

There’s also one or more specific to startups.

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Also fairly easy to start up your own company now.

Cool. Do you know of any good ones offhand?

No, but I bet Google does. I named the two I do know and they’re all most people need for entry-level jobs.

Thanks. I have found a few startup-oriented sites through Google and FB but had not found many that focused on job listings for startups. A few, but not sure which are the best.

Probably just those job sites are the best sources.

Note that it’s pretty easy to get a waiver for qualifications and or experience these days. Your employer just has to make a good case as to why you’d be a good hire for them.

It’s possible, I didn’t work in teaching whilst in Taiwan, but then you have to weigh up if it’s worth it, the opportunity cost of it all and alignment to your goals.