Translating certificate

Has anyone here had any experience self-translating a legal certificate? I need to translate my single status certificate to traditional Chinese.

How did you self-translate your certificate?


I think the translation has to be certified, which you have to pay for anyway. Beyond that, it’s hard to imagine successfully translating a legal document from English to Chinese if you don’t have the ability of a well-educated native, and maybe not even then.

My wife translated all our legal documents (she is native Taiwanese) it took a little time to work out some of the legal wording then it cost us 750NT (for 2 documents) to get them certified. There are many solicitors who specialise in this near the national immigration agency office in Kaohsiung, but i think every major city will be the same.

There maybe places cheeper than this but we just went to the first random place we found and got it done it took around 30 mins and they gave us a few stamped copies in case we need them in the future.

i just remembered we took printed translations, but also took the Word documents on a memory stick just in case we needed to make any changes.
This wasn’t needed in the end, but my wife had to sign and stamp that she had translated it

Unlike some countries, there’s no requirement to have an approved professional or a person other than yourself do the translation, so anyone with the necessary skill can do it and apply for certification of the translation.

The translator is supposed to sign or stamp it in the presence of the notary, as Shaun mentioned.

i got mine translated by a certified translator. the translator scanned it and sent it back to me and i printed it out. will this suffice or will i need the original translated copy still coming in the post?

im planning on sending the original certificate to the ROC office in Australia along with a photocopy of the translated version.