Translation and notarization of overseas criminal record

After my Criminal record certificate (English version) is legalized by MOFA in Taipei, where should I go to have it translated into Chinese and notarized?? How much time does it take and what is the fee? thanks

I missed the part where you said where you lived.

I know of a good translation company in Taipei, but if you are somewhere else I guess that won’t help you much.

Please send me an email.

I live in Panchiao…does it mean that Criminal record certificate which was legalized by a Taiwanese abroad can be translated/notarized by any translation company in Taiwan?

What is your target language for the translation?

If you want a CCRD in English, it can be issued in English directly, so I don’t see what the problem is.

I was told in Taichung I didn’t need a translation, but I needed to send it back to the foreign TECO branch (Seattle in my case) to have it notorized. Any thoughts?

My CCRD is in English and it was authenticated by Taiwan overseas, but i believed it must be translated into Chinese before submitting it to the police here…?!

I didn’t get mine translated from English for purposes of marriage, and they accepted it.