Translation -- how much to charge?

I have just been offered a translation job. The client wants to translate a book into English, but will pay me for smaller projects first to see if I’m a good fit for their project.

They’re asking me for my rate per Chinese character, as well as per minute of audio. They’re also asking my rates for editing.

I have no idea how much to charge. What’s fair? How much do translators here normally charge?


$4-5 a word/Chinese Character ish

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Does it need to be said? We live in Taiwan.

I’m sure @caspian knows that in Taiwan we use Taiwanese Dollars.

Thanks so much for the reply!



It sounds like this is your first translation job.


It actually depends on what category the book belongs to. If it requires certain knowledge it’d cost much more. And what language you’re translating from. Also how much time you have.

Thanks so much for the responses. I reviewed the links posted – there seems to be a huge difference in what people think is a fair rate.

I decided to offer a low rate because this is my first paid translation job, and I desperately need cash.