Ok. I get that you hear the trash truck and you bring your stuff outside but I have failed to find where everyone is waiting for the trash truck. I have been throwing my gross garbage at the MRT which I am not supposed to do but big trash is piling up in my apartment. Is there a website I can get better information? HELP!

Have you heard the truck because it’s pretty obvious where they stop? You won’t know until they have stopped but they stop a lot so if you see a truck you can probably walk behind until it stops.

Otherwise you can get a friend to ask the guard desk what the schedule is. My old house had 4 collections times within walking distance and they were never a minute late (seemed impossible).

Where are you? Taipei City? Have a look here: … &mp=110002

One of the better things to do is to go out to an alley after 10pm, but preferably after midnight and just ditch it there.

How is that lazy, irresponsible option “one of the better things to do”?

  1. Ask a neighbor. Elderly ones are often quite helpful and find it amusing to talk to a foreigner.

  2. Follow a neighbor -you will certainly hear a rush of feet and the rustle of bags. If you don’t, then maybe you live in one of those privileged places where someone actually collects and dumps the garbage for you… for a small fee.

  3. There is usually a public board with announcements pasted on the main door of the building where you live. There will be a schedule for garbage collection -including recycling guidelines, which you should be following- written right there.

Most garbage trucks go by two times a day, except on Wednesdays and Sundays, when ther eis no garbage collection at all. Recyclables can be given to the additional trucks on schedule or the locals who collect and sell it for a living. Don’t forget to wash the recyclables -especially bottles- before handing them in or you’ll get an earful. Oh, and check what is considered valuable recyclable from others: glass is given to the government as it has no value, old newspapers and magazines are gold, eveyone wants them.

How is that lazy, irresponsible option “one of the better things to do”?

You forgot “selfish”, “inconsiderate”, and “ignorant”.

Oh yeah, and “illegal”.

Also not very bright, due to the preponderance of cams on most lanes.

We had one of these pigfuckers doing this every couple of nights on my street for about a week.
Until the cops caught his plate number on video.

Better the cops catch you doing it outside my door than I do, though.

Soon, the week before CNY in most areas they will collect garbage almost around the clock … even your big stuff like TV’s, electric appliences, furniture …

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How is that lazy, irresponsible option “one of the better things to do”?

I assume California was being facetious. I was walking down a street at lunchtime and saw a guy (yes, he was wearing flipflops, a stained tanktop, and baggy jeans) cruising along the street with a garbage bag on his scooter. He spotted a blue flatbed truck, pulled up alongside, sauntered over with his bag as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and chucked it on the truck.

If California was not being facetious, I guess that’s just the way things are done on the trailer park back home.