Travel - Passport needed for domestic travel?

This is gonna sound like a stupid question, but here goes …

When flying to the Taiwanese islands (Green Island, Orchid Island, Penghu, etc), as far as you know, do Taiwanese authorities require foreigners to show their passports or are ARCs sufficient?

Common sense says no, but then you know how that goes. My only indication is that no one asked for any ID at all when I boarded boats to and from two of these islands. Just wondering if the whole airport security chaos requires something different.


You have to have a form of ID recognized here. Passport is usually a pretty good idea just to keep from having issues. But another form of Taiwanese ID will work… supposedly.

ARC is fine.

I went to Jinmen recently and only took my ARC and student card. The student card was enough actually :noway: , but take the ARC!

When boarding the airplane to Penghu from Taipei, some ID was required, but, as others have said, an ARC was enough. Thanks.

There are some flights in Taiwan to Kinmen or other Taiwan places that are domestic but with layovers overseas like Seoul or Hong Kong or Macau.
example: Hualien(TW) - Macau - Kinmen Islands(TW)

Does anyone know if one could board just with a TARC or would it be necessary to go through immigration? I am saving days for my immigration status and don’t want to cross immigration.

Would the final TW destination overrule or would the first foreign destination like Korea overrule?

Going to a foreign country requires a passport

You’d better check with Immigration whether a foreign stopover breaks the “continuous” stay rule.

By the way, do you actually have a TARC and if so, can you PM me?

Ultimately domestic, but I’m guessing the airline will want a passport in case of delays or problems enroute.

yeah, noone seems to know

Using your example why would you fly hualien to Macau then to kinmen when you can fly sungshan to kinmen nonstop. You can fly hualien to sungshan easily

Or are you just asking in theory? I suppose in theory taking a flight that stops over in Macau then continues on to kinmen and just transitting in Macau airport doesn’t mean you left taiwan, but you open this up to the interpretation of Taiwan immigration and that is a risk.

You’re gonna need one for domestic travel in the USA starting next October, unless you get a special type of license.

Say what!? For US citizens! We have freedom of Travel. Remember, voter ID is bad and Evil. It discriminates against poor people it stops you from voting multiple times.
Seriously, please post the article about needing a “domestic passport.”

My source is your local DMV.

But I here’s one:

My local DMV is in Pingtung. I gave up talking to the New Jersey DMV because each time I tried to renew my license, they would loose it. Then when I contacted them they quizzed my intent to come back… I gave up after two renewals. Not worth the phone call and hassle.
Anyway, what you said is for flying security only. In the states I only use terrestrial travel. I can’t see guards standing on the bridge at Washington Crossing demanding to see my “passport” as I attempt to bicycle into Pennsylvania.
I actually do not mind having one form of real ID as long as I have free Transit. We have that in Taiwan.
This requirement is though looks like it can shoot the argument against voter ID in the foot. There’s really no excuse for not having voter ID. Even we who vote from abroad have to have ID to vote.

So when making a booking for a domestic flight as a foreigner, can I use my name in Chinese characters as on my ARC, or must I use my passport name?

The requirement for real ID to fly US domestic has been delayed due to covid

Funny I was running out of time to get a real ID license as mine was expiring and my passport was as well so for the first time I got a passport card as well as the regular passport ‘book’ for an extra 30 bucks and the license was around 30 as well so I was just planning to fly the rare times I do with my passport card and my regular license

Dmv sent me an invite to get real ID for no extra cost and I did

For those who don’t know the passport card is cheaper and mainly for those who plan to travel
to Canada and Mexico by land or sea (they can’t be used for international air travel ) only.

And for those people there is no point to spend the 200 or so dollars to get a passport when a 30 dollar passport card is enough

You can even cruise with it to say the Caribbean but the problem comes if due to some reason you need to fly back to the USA

And also those countries may require a passport
For entry