hi I researched thru other postings and on ther internet for my question I came to the following conclusin, can someone please tell me if it’s correct?

I am 20 years old male student planning to visit Taiwan in January for 3 weeks. I hold dual citizenship. It would be no problem for me to enter and leave Taiwan with American passport with no visa (because length of stay is less than a month) or anything. Upon exit, Taiwan will not hold me for military purpose because I am using American passport. I called the Taiwan Economic… office at LA and they said to enter with Taiwanese passport. I believe they are incorrect. Will I be okay to travel with my American passport?


This thread should help you:

I am not a dual citizen, so I don’t know any other answers to your questions. You did the right thing by posting this question in this forum, but next time try taking a look to see if other threads in the forum might have already discussed the same question you have.