Traveling around Taiwan during CNY

Good or bad idea? What sort of costs do you think would be involved? Got quoted for a hire car at NT$3000/day. Seems a bit much.

Do you think that hotels would be hard to just arrive at and check in?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Very bad idea. Everything is expensive, traffic is horrible, and lots of places will be closed.

Yes, very much so especially in popular tourist places like Kending, Sun Moon Lake, and the like.

Nah, not if you’re willing to stay at the cheap places. I always tend to stay at the backpacker/close to the train station type-hotels. Take earplugs though.

Up north (north-east coast, Ilan-Suao), traffic’s OK and hotels less packed. Still advise you to book in advance though.

[quote=“Matchstick_man”]Take earplugs though.[/quote]Never mind the earplugs. Stay up all night drinking Scotch, playing mahjong and shouting loudly with your companions :wink:

The traffic will be hellish on the east coast.

But isn’t it always…

The earplugs suggestion was to block out the noise of coupling next door. It’s likely to happen as a lot of the cheaper hotels rely on short term rental as a source of income. Hsiaodah’s suggestion is better.

[quote=“Matchstick_man”]The earplugs suggestion was to block out the noise of coupling next door.[/quote]Couple with your companion louder than the couple next door are, uh, coupling :smiley:

The east coast road isn’t too bad. It’s the Taroko gorge area and the cities which are usually the worst.

how about just travelling to Kaosching? I am sorta a last minute traveller, and figured I’d just get a bus to go down there on Monday when the weekend traffic rush was over. I find the buses to be just as if not more luxurious than the train.

Yeah, screw it. Thanks.