Travelling TO Taiwan - Places to stay

Hello guys,

DOes anyone have location of budget places to stay in Taiwan?

I heard that World Scholars Hostel is good from this site.
[ … 735#353735](Looking for a hotel in Hualian!

Any others? I will be in Taiwan for about 4 days, not sure of route yet, so just looking for random information of places where there is good cheap acommodation!

Thanks for any tips!

  • Harvey

If cheap is your first priority, there’s Amigo Hostel and Happy Family Hostels. Never been there so I can’t tell you what they’re like, but the cheapest beds are dorm beds and the bathroom facilities are shared. Spartan facilities - not for wimps or whiners.

Or, sign up for Global Freeloaders and stay at someone’s place for free.

A friend of mine just stayed at Taian Hotel. It’s a pretty nice and affordable hotel in a good location. Less than 5 minutes walk to Guting MRT station on the corner Heping E. Rd and Jinshan S. Rd.

The rooms were smallish, but clean and comfortable. Western style bathroom w/bathtub, a small fridge, Cable T.V.
Also, the hotel is on a corner, so every room has a decent view. There’s no elevator though, so if you’re on the 4th or 5th floor, you’ve got to walk the stairs.

Only 1000NT per night. A great deal for central Taipei!

They don’t have a website, but here are their phone numbers:
(02) 2351-8705.
(02) 2321-4653

Fax: (02) 2321-2191.

The cheapest places tend to be close to the train stations.