Tree Id: Cinnamon or Camphor

As it says, how can i tell if this guy is Cinnamomum cassia (肉桂 rou-gui) or Cinnamomum camphora (樟樹 zhang-shu)?


IMG_7473 IMG_7474

Yea this one always confused me.
Guessing it’s camphor and cinnamon is just a descriptor ? Good question .

Interesting that they’re related.

That one looks like camphor.

Note that cassia isnt actually super commin in taiwan. The government messed up 30ish years ago and spread to everyrone the wrong species of cinnamon, which they keep tearing out now.

Taiwan is a hotspot for Cinnamomum. Sweet leaf cinnamon is far more common than cassia and is nice enough but certainly nowhere near the quality of cassia types.

There are various varieties of camphor within thebspecies, as well as different forms which are less well defined and likely more geographical than true varieties.


Thanks - I believe it’s camphor too. I’ll check the links tmrw.

Still think it’s camphor :slight_smile:

btw, which species is ’ Sweet leaf cinnamon’ ? Hard to google, with all the stevia links.
edit - found it, it’s Cinnamomum osmophloeum

Next question is that I’d like to replant this tree. It’s growing in the shade of a large banyan, and I’ve got a perfect spot to move it to.

What time of year would be least stressful for the tree? We’re now entering summer, which I’d imagine is NOT a good time. Perhaps the fall, when temps start to drop (end Oct).


You got it, sweet leaf is Cinnamomum osmophloeum. Not a bad cinnamon, but not a great one either. Commonly used for its leaf in taiwan as it is sweet…just wanted to point out the obvious.

As for moving a camphor tree. Some things to consider, but they are geberally quite easy. We move 30 inc thick ones without issue so its pretty strong.

Some points on moving trees in general.

Try to avoid digging them up during flowering and or fruiting.

Ideally, when fruiting has matured and start to drop, pryne the living hell out of it. For google research ease, follow mango pruning protocol in this case.

After pruning allow it a bit of time to healnand just start to break new growth and rejuvinate.

Dig a circumference about the size of yoyr trees branches outer sptead, if possible. An excavator is normally used to dig further outside, and a sharppened shovel is used to shave off dirt and make clean cuts. Shit, just had an earthquake…

Once the general shape is dug down, with the bottom not touched, plastic is wrapped around. Taiwan selles it everywhere and it essentially lile a massive ceran wrap roll. When sides are wrapped tight and thick, the tie rope can be wrapped aroumd the main. Trunk and connected to excavator. They pull it tight and leave it along. You dig under to cut deep/tap roots and once its close to falling get the excavator to giv it aome tension as you hack away at the bottom

Load on truck and take to your new spot.

If older/larger trees spray on some anti fungal poison. Im all about organic but. Infection is real, especially with larger trees whose roots actually have wood mass (dead cells). Fungal infection in trees is very very real in taiwan.

Place in your pre dug hole and cover. Avoid too much organic material in your hole for above mentioned fungal issues.

Althoigh summer is total hell to qork in, depending on your location and species it is pften the best time to mlve a tree due to humidity and lesser dehydration through dry air. But its very dependant in your area as a sunny day in summer will fry your tree withing 4 hours. So depends on your spot.
If its a small tree, keep in mind small trees can be found, gifted of bought very easily with camphor. Its kind of weedy. Just my lands can dig you up hundreds its that crazy.

Another point with many Cinnamomum is they regrow frkm base/roots extremely easily. As another convenient google search use Cinnamomum verum hatvest practicea. As they copice as a standard. Cut them diwn for harvestb near ground level, and let the new stems shoot up for 1 to 4 years then cut again. The stems harvested from such systems give us those cute cinnamon sticks we see in stores. Camphor trees geow in exactly the same way :wink:

Excuse typos. Im on my scooter waiting out the rain under a big longan tree so not editing haha #)

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Beautiful. Thank-you. The thousand typos are totally excused.

I’ll come back to this sometime soon, depending on when we can get the tree out. We’ll need a man with excavator. Preferably a tree man.

If its bigger and needs machine power and you are stuck can message me. i might know someone nearby with a machine. Most guys with a small/medium sized excavator and truck charge 6000 to 9000 a day as a price refference for short duration jobs.

Appreciate the typo pardon, but to be fair im outside most of the time and Im not an english teacher haha. Best of luck with the move. Pics are always helpful for others when you go through with it.