Truck drivers


I was watching a TV programme last night…forget the name anyway…but it is some investigative programme

Something they were investigating were trucks involved in accidents in Nantou, and more specifically truck drivers that were high on betel nut who after hitting or crashing into somebody. They would drive over the victim again to make sure they were dead.

The logic being that it would be cheaper to give the family a pay off once for a death than perhaps having to pay money for the rest of their lives if the person was seriously or permanently injured

There was some guy whose daughter was killed by a truck driver, who kept making an issue of this in Nantou. His seventeen year old daughter was driven over twice and left for dead. He has recieved theats from the local truck drivers that if he didn’t stop making noise about it he would be next.

The cops, as always, will do nothing.

I was shocked at it. Why isn’t it illegal to drive on betelnut or is it one of those things that are illegal but the law is never enforced


You think the betelnut drove them to do these things? Truck drivers chew betelnut to stay awake rather than fall asleep at the wheel. That’s also why a lot of taxi drivers chew it as well, at least at first.

I think the truck drivers in question are just evil; betelnut or no betelnut, they’d be doing the same thing, just because they can get away with it. If anyone’s to blame, it’s the police for allowing this kind of thing to go on.


Betel nut??? Try ice, shabu shabu, crystal meth, whatever you want to call it. That’s the drug of choice for truckies here.

Of course, they were running people over before the advent of ice, but the psychosis caused by ice addiction can’t help matters any.

But as Poagao says, evil comes into it, too, coupled with, as always, police incompetence and negligence.

Did you see the one a few years back about the village down south somewhere that had something like 7 people killed in just a few months by rabid truckies? The cops and local “politicians” were being paid off by the truck company (which was actually making its money by illegal gravel dredging, as well as forcing its drivers to work 72-hour days, etc.) so nothing was done until the residents barricaded the roads in and out of their village and physically stopped the trucks entering.

Guess what happened? They dispatched riot cops to beat up the villagers until the TV crews arrived and they had to stop.

Corruption, top to bottom. That’s Taiwan.


That’s what happens alright.
It’s not just the truck drivers either, you’d better hope the taxi drivers don’t catch you on a dark street.


Or the bus drivers.

There have been some notorious cases in Taipei of this practice of buses backing up and finishing off what one have started. What’s worse the buses have been full of passengers at the time. Now that’ll do it.

To follow on from you Sandman, I think that case you are talking about had something to do with Formosa Plastics and a factory construction. Or was it TSMC, - one of the big corporate heavy weights anyways.