Truly non-smoking restaurants... for asthma sufferers

I was just recently diagnosed with asthma, and to my dismay, discovered that my favorite pizza restaurant is now a forbidden land of delights because of its ‘stupid’ smoking/non-smoking arrangements. I had an asthma attack after a table lit up in the restaurant.

Given the 24 hours of discomfort I had to endure as a result of this, I’m now looking to compile a list of non-smoking restaurants in Taipei, where non-smoking is strictly enforced.

Any suggestions on restaurants with good food?


Isn’t Alleycat’s on Lishui Jie non-smoking on Mondays?

FYI, I’m 100% non smoking … even got the governement posters to prove it.

But yeah, I’m not in Taipei.

JB’s has a complete floor as a no smoking area, as well as electro static smoke extractors in the smoking area.

Nook Cafe Theatre (No. 12, Section 3, Chengde Road, Datong District, Taibei 103) is completely non-smoking. Very occasionally they have had obnoxious customers who aggessively insist on smoking despite being asked not to. The new branch off Songjiang and Nanjing Roads (details will be added) is non-smoking upstairs, smoking downstairs, but a waiter told me that most of their customers are women and they rarely have anyone smoke in there. The Songjiang branch has an air purifier.

Nook Cafe Theatre, No. 7-1, Lane 123, Songjiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taibei 104
(In a lane on the north-east side of the Songjiang/Nanjing East Road junction, near Siping Street Park)
Tel: (02) 2501 9552


I think such a list is a superb idea. There are far too many restaurant owners who think that designating one small corner of a joint ‘non-smoking’ somehow makes the air in that area acceptable to non-smokers. BTW, where are Belgian Pie’s and JB’s places? I’d love to try them someday.

Very good idea to create such a directoy, this will also be very usefull for people with children.

Obviously cannot advertise that the Tavern or any other of my establishments are smoke free and indeed a small non smoking area does not do anything, esp. if someone has an allergy i.e. asthma.

One thing about purifiers, does not matter how much they cost, made locally or are imported, unless they cost a real fortune (like a couple of millions) like the ones used in high tech factories. Those small machines need hours to clean the smell and in no way would make a place where people smoke, suitable for a person that suffers of Asthma regardless if the manufacturer claims that it is.

TavernCaptain, have you ever considered the idea of a smoke-free period, like lunchtime on Saturdays, or something like that? I’ve heard great things about your beer and food selection, and would love to go there someday.

JB’s is near the Taipower stop.

BP’s is in Sanxia on Tatung Street. From Taipei, the #706-Sanxia bus (from DingXi), the #812 (from Taipei Main Station), and the #910 (from Xinpu) all go past his place. Note that the MRT stop list is not exhaustive; these are just the stations I know they go to.

Note that #706 also has a route that stops much earlier in TuCheng. Be sure to look for the sign indicating whether the bus is for the Sanxia route or the Tucheng route.

BP says the #910 is the most convenient since it leaves from right across from the Xinpu MRT station, and gets to his place 20 minutes later. [color=red]Edited to add: forget that, the bus drivers are assholes and don’t bother stopping at Xinpu for pickups because they’d have to cross three lanes of traffic, twice, to do it. The 706 and 812 both leave from near Ximen exit 2 (812 boards from the “island” with the canopy in the middle of the road, 706 boards from the curbside just down from the exit), or 706 also stops at DingXi (exit 2). You can take 910 to return from BP’s and it will be very fast, but other waiting passengers indicated that it was perfectly normal for the 910 drivers to blow them off at the Xinpu stop. If you want to go searching for another stop where the drivers might actually bother to do their job, good luck.[/color]

BP’s current schedule, as far as I know, is dinners from Tue-Sun and lunch on Fri-Sat-Sun. Lunch runs from about 11:30-2pm (I think) and dinner runs from 5pm-9pm.

I don’t know if these links are the right ones but the government has a list of restaurants that are smoke free.

try them, you never know.

Well I saw one of the managers light up on Monday and the service was less then pleasent. The owner wasn’t there so the staff we’re chilling.

/end threadjack

Hello young man, not making these decisions anymore for the Tavern-Premier but it is a difficult one. There are regulars that go there everday of the week, hence it is difficult to tell them, well today your money is welcome and you are welcome to smoke and then another day, today we do not welcome you unless you do not smoke. In the front of the Tavern-Premier, there are usually few people smoking and it is better ventilated near the entrance.

Thanks for the detailed reply, guys!

I’ll share a list once I’ve made it up!

Thanks for the info. Taverncaptain. Sorry I can’t go drinking there for the foreseeable future! :frowning: I’m only asthmatic to cigarette smoke, not beer ! :rainbow:


hi Kenny, my name is Tert, I also hate smoke! I’ve heard that McDonald’s is smoke free, but I don’t go there because they hurt dolphins in the process of “creating” the McFish.

It’s your call, cigarettes(yuck!) vs. dolphins(yeah!)

Mucha Man lists a nice teahouse with good food in Maokong which is non-smoking; see listing #4 here:
[url]The Marvelous Tea Houses of Maokong

[quote=“Dragonbones”]Muzha Man lists a nice teahouse with good food in Maokong which is non-smoking; see listing #4 here:
[url]The Marvelous Tea Houses of Maokong

I believe the first one is as well. In any case, like most of them, there is outdoor seating.

Well I saw one of the managers light up on Monday and the service was less then pleasent. The owner wasn’t there so the staff we’re chilling.

/end threadjack[/quote]

Jeez, sorry JEP, only noticed this now, :blush:

The “manager” in question has long since departed. Truly sorry that you were disappointed by the service. Please come by agian on a Monday and you’ll find the restaurant compeletly free of smoke and the smell thereof. We run the air purifier overnight on Sundays to combat the weekend smoking nights.

Mondays are truly non-smoking at Alleycat’s.

Very best,


My opinion on this is that smoking and food don’t match unless you use the smoke to smoke the food … :wink: