Trump moves to end one of the last forms of institutional racism in the federal government


If Trump really wants to end institutional racism and reform the justice system, then get rid of plea bargain altogether. Make it illegal. It is unconstitutional and it’s a form of hostage justice.

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So he’s basically standing up for white people in this directive. OK. Interesting.

Or you might see it more generally as applying laws that already exist and have been in place relating to businesses.

Title VII created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to administer the act". It applies to most employers engaged in interstate commerce with more than 15 employees, labor organizations, and employment agencies. Title VII prohibits discrimination based on race , color, religion , sex or national origin.

Should add political affiliation to that too.

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So the absence of racism is racism, and the explicitly racist is not racism?

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Everyone should be treated equal and no favoritism.

Seems like a political move to firm up the white votes.

So you support the move! We’re in agreement.

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I couldn’t agree more.

That said, I only hope you realize that you’d likely be beaten and possibly set afire or even murdered if you expressed your belief in “no favoritism” after sundown in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, NYC, and other Democrat cities. That’s a very dangerous position to hold in most Democrat cities today.

So what do you think about critical race theory?


Oh FFS. Easy to proclaim what “democrat cities” are like sitting over there. I’m actually in the US. Stop watching Fox News.

The Trumpers never quite explain why it is that the violence only started well after Trump was in office…despite those cities having Democratic leadership for years before that. Coincidence? Nope.


Because it is not true. Violence started happening shortly after Trayvon Martin.

It continued after the shooting of Michael Brown.

I should note, “hands up don’t shoot” never happened and some figured that out in a week, the media pushed that narative for 6 months, until it was officially announced “hands up don’t shoot” never happened.

Then there was Freddie Gray, there was also Eric Garner and others but Freddie Gray caused riots.

All before Trump even announced his intent to run as president. So, perhaps you can quantify your statement “the violence only started well after Trump was in office” a little better please.


I’m not a Trumper, but let me to to explain it. First, your premise is wrong. Remember when the media lied about the Trayvon Martin incident in 2012, BLM was born, and people demonstrated in response to the inevitable acquittal that anyone who knew anything about the case would happen? When the media lied about George Floyd’s death in 2014, we got riots and looting. When actual police brutality occurred with men like Freddie Gray and Eric Garner, there were more riots.

As to the other half of your incorrect premise, after a long rise in identitarian politics acceptance, the number of leftists who viewed the world with a lens of a struggle of certain groups of people against other groups of people had gained some inroads into the Democrat Party. With a main stream media looking for hits to compete with new media, every incident and injustice was amplified, regardless of accuracy. So you had more people who looked at the US as a racist country founded on racism with institutions of white supremacy oppressing them and you had the media amplifying both accurate and inaccurate cases of police abuse, while simultaneously poisoning the population by vilifying the left (Fox) or Trump and the right (all other MSM).

Then add on the craziness of extended lockdowns, largely in Democrat cities and states.

Where is it most likely that leftists either a black man will be killed or shot by police and/or that enough agitated and misinformed leftists will want to rise up and randomly murder or attack the innocent, loot stores, or just burn shit down?

The propaganda never stops with this one. Only if you lived in a safe socialist bubble would you think American cities are burning. I know Fox news loves to cover this 24/7 to avoid talking about Trump’s failure to handle the virus, but American cities are not burning. I drive through a Democrat city everyday. It’s fine.

Going down with the good ship Gaslight?

Yes it seems Trump is headed that direction. Finally starting to notice the writing on the wall?

Yes, there are much better alternatives.

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Aren’t those Portland people trying to level the playing field?

Aren’t Democrats trying to say everyone is equal?

Who in Portland doesn’t like that and would take offense?

I must be way out of touch.

Yes. They want to destroy capitalism so everyone will be equally poor.

No. They’re the party of affirmative action and white privilege.

Normal people who have to get to work every day and pay their bills.


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