Trump vs. the Deep State


You beat me to it!


I know what economics are. You can spare me the econ 101.

Unless you are an old money billionaire…

Then capitalism will not work for you. Like socialism, capitalism is just a salve for the people to believe something is good for them. If you studied economics, you would know that is true.


In the case of mining companies, obama used regulations to get rid of them. He knew that if they were to keep these rules, they were doomed, and he planned it that way because he believed in clean energy, and coal is not that. West Virginia was a Democrat State, until Obama. You see, 90% of West Virginia jobs is coal mining, it’s been this way since 1900 and even earlier. Obama’s clean energy may sound magnanimous for those living in New York, but for those living in West Virginia, it’s suicide.

West Virginians aren’t so worried about waste because it’s about their livelihood, when you weigh that on the scale, who can blame them? West Virginia, who is traditionally Democrat, voted for Trump in droves, and you wonder why? In fact, just last week, the Democrat governor switched parties to the Republican party, it’s such a huge issue there, the gratitude to Trump. Their state was doomed under Obama, and would die for sure under Clinton, Democrat notwithstanding.


What is the purpose of mining? Technology is changing. Coal, like pay phones and land-line telephone services, are quickly becoming a thing of the past. What is the point in pouring taxpayer money into a dying industry?

Maybe Trump can revive Western Union Telegraph service!! And the Pony Express!! And the typewriter industry!!

Even money says he puts a 100% tax on solar and wind manufacturing. God help Elon Musk if Tesla starts turning a profit. As soon as they realize that static capacitance is more efficient that lithium…a whole mess of other industries will disappear. Unless, Trump uses the power of government interference to save them. Go ahead, debunk away. Because all that will be said will have been said 25 years ago against the internet.


Coal is still cost-effective. It doesn’t need taxpayer money. It pays for itself. Most of our energy is derived from it, because it’s cheap. Solar and wind requires taxpayer money, because it isn’t working on the market place. We have a scandal under Obama because he was subsidizing Solyndra, and they go bankrupt and absconded with our precious taxpayer money going nowhere.


Don’t knock typewriters! They aren’t susceptible to viruses, and they don’t need constant software updates…


Good luck finding ribbons!

Although…the paper was so nice!



Seriously? Stop quoting Neal Cavito. The coal industry gets HUGE subsidies from the state and federal government, due to contracts.

Overall, nationwide, solar and wind is becoming more cost competitive towards coal and gas. I said overall. Bloomberg reports that -for now- coal and gas are cheaper, but as technology in panels and blades improve -and as they management improves, they will continue to get even better. And they have, as the cost to use gas and coal has gone up. No matter which way you look at it, change is coming to the energy markets.


I read this. Great laugh. I wonder if they will use the ball type. I loved those. The hum…the loud “ding”…time for eBay!!!


That is good. The free market isn’t against change, but surely does move in a flow with people more smoothly than government decrees.


Yes, thanks to Obama, we should all be doing this. Obama was finally and truly the first president who listened to all the people.


Too late for most of us. I’m sure I’m already on the naughty list for enjoying covfefe too much. I can hardly wait for the season premire of SNL…


Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Alec Baldwin sends Trump a thank you note?

Best Alec Baldwin since Schwetty Balls.


I dream of Baldwin vs. Trump 2020, but I think that’s too optimistic… unless it’s Ivanka, in which case Baldwin might lose.


Except there are just 20,000 employed in West Virginia in the coal trade, including transporting the coal.

So you’re talking out or your ass as usual!


I’d still like to get to the bottom of that tarmac meeting. And the IRS targeting scandal, and so forth…

Most transparent administration in history? Well, some could see through them.

Oh, and…


Wikipedia puts it at 30,000. But there was a huge decline during Obama, they were really hurting, unemployment big time, and your numbers show that. In a few years, that number should come back to normal again.

West Virginia is the only state where less than half the civilian population work, thanks to Obama. Thanks for highlighting that very clearly for us.


This morning I wanted peanut butter on toast but all they had was strawberry jam.

Yeah thanks a bunch Obama :joy:

Jotham I pulled you up on your assery and you come up with more assery.

I think there’s some open positions in the Trump communications team…you might want to give it a shot.


Not the most graceful way to lose an argument. Even for the Internet.