Trump vs. the Deep State


Makes Creepy Joe look like a fairy godmother! :eek:

Even so, if I were a teenage girl I wouldn’t want this guy sneaking into my dressing room.


Putin has his hand so far up Trump’s ass Trumps next job is either on the Muppetshow or washing down the cubicles in Cell Block H.


He’s been using this strategy since his election campaign.

Russia <3


The real Russia collusion are the Golden Shower tapes.
The smell is overpowering .


Not as strong as the smell of bullshit. :sunglasses:


Traitor .The Ruskies running roughshod over the Yanks jamming it up yer asses.

Who wudda thought ?

PS This is what happens when you give one individual too much power.


Thanks Putin for jamming it up our Yankee ass :joy:


It’s amazing to see that people are happy to believe the 4chan prank about the piss video. It proves the point of the guy who created the fake report: butthurt people would believe anything as long as it portrays Trump in a bad way.

I wonder if the mainstream media ever uses this to attract easy clicks…nah, I’m sure they’re professionals.


Jamming it up long and hard lol


Not sure this is the appropriate place to be airing your anal rape fantasies. :sunglasses:


Haha just saying it the way it is.
Whole world can see what’s going on except the usual dopetards on here.

You are backing a traitor and Russia is going to manipulate the US for years to come.

Going to ride jockey. :joy:


I welcome our Russian overlords. May they provide cheap, good quality gas to everyone.


Was it now? I missed that. :tumble:

I suppose they also invented the Trump bus tape. Next we’ll find out the Ford crack tape was a hoax… :dizzy_face:


one year ago in a Russian airport. Fitting.

Why are Russians so good at shitposting even in real life? When did they develop such talent? Will the EU ever recover?


Looks like they hacked this thread too.
Need a lot of power for that. Power from the Shower.


Who is this douche who keeps changing thread titles?

BrianJones? Who the hell gave him access? And what the hell for?

That’s better. Thanks. But why does he even have that kind of access in the first place?


It’s fine, more online results for Putin. It helps to improve мать Россия’s might.


the US has been inside Lord Putin’s sweet embrace for years <3


They had nothing else to do, industry was in the crappers, it was hacking or Vodka!


Some people are more special than others Rowland.

I’m sure you will agree. :slight_smile:

It’s always been this title what are you talking about?

Fake news!