Trump vs. the Deep State


Doing something about it:


Strzok certainly has a Dr. Smith pedo vibe about him. Ohr doesn’t look nearly as ugly. But we’ll see.


Do not normally subscribe to conspiracy theories but there is some interesting stuff here if people take the time to look at what may really be going on. Only time will tell if any of this is correct or not , but intriguing as a theory. Certainly a big effort going on to silence it all. I keep an open mind but like to read everything.


Mistah Strzok, he fired:

A lot of private sector organizations are like this. Competition is good, but only if it’s judged by the right criteria. This is one of those cases where a “race to the top” was actually a race to the bottom.

Ambition is not competence.


Here’s the collusion:



Before you can connect the dots you have to find the dots.

Nellie Ohr looks as creepy as Strzok.

A Lenin apologist is bad enough. But a Stalin apologist?


The reasons given are hard to take seriously. But they can’t yet bring themselves to say that fired officials shouldn’t have the clearances anyway.

Take away all the clearances of all former officials. That’ll end any talk of political recrimination.

(It’ll also shut down a lot of actual political recrimination.)


This guy’s fading, and it looks like Mr. Ohr will be the next big thing the usual suspects will try hard not to talk about. But in memoriam:



Gulf of Tonkin, anyone?



Declassify all the things!


Amazing how people forget . but Trump is the Devil, sigh. Hey maybe a few of these things will be proved to be wrong…


There’s no pleasing some people:

Before you call a bluff, be damn sure he’s bluffing.


On Monday President Trump went scorched earth and ordered the DOJ to publicly release all text messages WITHOUT REDACTION relating to the Russia investigation from James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.

Oh no, I do hope Comey, McCabe and Co. weren’t discussing classified information on their FBI phones. Can’t imagine the excuse “while we were investigating Hillary Clinton for sending classified information over an unsecured system, we were sending texts to each other over unsecured FBI phones which we can’t show you because they are classified” will go down very well.

Also Trump was doing an interview with Hannity yesterday and was saying since his order to release the information a couple of countries have been in contact with him. Anyone want to make a bet it wasn’t UK and Australia?


I am still perplexed that anyone would not see what has been going on. From the HRC wikileaks releases so long ago, I can still not understand why so many people seemed to be more concerned about the “leak” than the actual content and implications. Same thing with “Russian Collusion” …Dems say … ah but look at the prosecutions…which is total BS…after 2 years of investigating and intimidating, with 100’s of millions spent, the "offences " were utterly nothing to do with Russian collusion. What is the Investigation about?
Hmmm pretty obvious to see the reality…if one can bear to look at it objectively.

The sad part is that i truly think some won’t be satisfied even if trump was totally correct and even if concrete evidence of illegal shenanigans by DOJ?FBI/CIA is proven, will spin it and never accept it. Therein, lies the difference. I truly hope I would be able to accept a Trump "traitor " action , if proven. I think many here would not side with him, even if he was wronged. They just hate the Man and it would not matter to them if he achieved more good things than any President. Shame indeed.
Follow the Money , as some say , to find the true corruption. If HRC and Company is truly investigated by a non-partisan body… I will accept the decision.


They will call them patriots, watch and see.


Article Published April 23 2015. So much evidence so much worse than ANYTHING Trump has done, yet not a peep from CNN/MSNBC/Huffington Post/Bloomberg. Thank you NY Times.


Still nothing after 8 years