Trump vs. the Deep State


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no such thing as Deep State. It is a civil service with a ‘series of checks and balances to avoid tyranny’ as my right wing friend once told me.

Q Anon is not a real person.

Donald Trump is a reality TV star who laundered money for the Russian mob


This is how it’s done.


Trump thumps CNN’s Acosta and then NBC’s Peter Alexander who defends Acosta.
This is too funny and enjoyable. Obama’s conferences lasted like 1 question and was a snooze affair.


The fucker is threatening the American people! Real mob boss style!


You consider Acosta a person? That’s a hot take.


he’s treating the uncouth media the way they sometimes should be treated.


Deep State? You mean the civil service? The checks and balances of the government?

The bro right dreams up such craziness.




He should run for office or a place on Celebrity Deep State when Trump is done with his present gig.


The Donald IS the checks and balances.


You can’t fire them for lack of merit, but if most of them lack merit, you can lay them off in droves.

That’s the theory, anyway. Would love to see it tested.


A typical Republic Style government is easily controlled and corrupted through outsider lobbying. Its all about the money


Interesting article from someone who claims to be high up in the Trump admin. Basically says, only about 15% of workers in the federal Government are necessary, 80 to 85% are just more a hindrance than a help. Hence…

Furloughed employees should find other work, never return and not be paid.

From a second article I link.

When agencies furlough employees for more than 30 calendar days or 22 discontinuous work days, they must use RIF procedures.


So what Trump is basically doing is removing some deadweight from the government, while at the same time attacking the Lügenpresse…


Yep. In part this is what drives Republicans to go on about the “size” of government, the idea that the current level of Federal employment is more about patronage than about proper execution of functions.

The USA has a long, long history of bloating the Federal payroll as a reward to political patronage, both parties. What many non-Americans (and even some Americans) may not realize is that the US has fundamentally different ideas about government size, paying for it, and its role.

Most Americans don’t like the idea of patronage in DC, of providing Federal employees with more and better benefits than exist in most of the private sector, and we really don’t like the idea that government gets in the way as much as it helps.

The biggest reason the US will never be like the EU or Canada, though, is that we will never support income taxes that are required to make US government an EU-like society of mandarins. We never have. We never will. We are just not like that. We have had very high income tax rates in the past, but they’ve never proven sustainable even when GDP is growing by leaps and bounds. The political will to lower taxes always emerges in the US. It’s who we are, it’s how we were born.

Taxes and government are not popular in the US. Never have been, never will be.


@nc47, you the 15% or the part of the herd that needs to be culled? :wink:


In most Eu countries it goes like this:

Peasants:“Taxes are too high!”
Political class:“Well ok, we’re going to cut some stuff so we can reduce taxes…no more free* health care, how about that?”
Peasants:“WHAT?? You want me to PAY for healthcare??? Don’t you know it’s a human right?? Screw you!”
Political class:“Well ok then…how about we cut free* education?”

  • = terms and conditions apply


Lately I’ve been watching episodes of a British television program called “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!” Most episodes involve two sheriffs of Britain’s High Court going to the homes or businesses of Britons to collect on a debt or to evict a renter who’s refused to pay rent for months.

It’s an eye-opener for this American. Of course the Brits on this show are deadbeats (usually), so they’re not representative. Still, the level of entitlement they assume on air is breathtaking. It’s amazing how far backward the authorities are willing to bend in order to make nice; they often spend hours longer at a place than they planned for, often working into the night. Would never happen in the US. They demand so much from their government. Wild stuff.

And this is Britain, mind. I can’t imagine what it must be like in the rest of the EU (for now).