Trying to start a company in tw abroad need help


Hi, I am currently a Malaysia national living in nyc. I am trying to start a franchise bubble tea or small breakfast restaurant business in Taipei area. Budget is around 60-100k usd. I’ve searched across the web and counldnt find any information on where to start. I know to apply entrepreneur visa I need to show proof of investment capital but here is my question … How do I even start if I am not physically in tw and even if I am I will only have 30 days as visitor status… Time is critical for me. Is there anyway to obtain entrepreneur visa before I reach tw…? Thank you for your reply! <3


Come to Taiwan and stay here to get it done. It’s very quick (a couple of weeks) if you have an accountant dealing with the paperwork. You can always do a budget-flight visa run to (say) Malaysia if you have to.

Having said that, paperwork is surely the least of your worries. Premises, staff, suppliers etc - you’ll need to have them lined up first, with meetings in person. I don’t see how you can do any of this by remote control.

And honestly: starting a “franchise bubble tea or small breakfast restaurant business”, with no differentiation, is a pretty sure way to lose $100K. There are dozens of such places on every street. If you want to start a business here, think of something that hasn’t been done to death already.