Trying to track down the mother of my child

I was in Taichung 20 years ago, and had a relationship with a woman then.

It came to light, through friends, that I am the father of her child.

He/She would be about 20 years old now,

I have repeatedly tried to contact her, but she has ghosted me in every way possible. I went so far as to visit Taiwan twice in the last few years, and visited her family house.

I only wish to do right by my child, and would like to see him/her.

She may have married and moved abroad.

How do I find my child?

Are there reputable detectives I can use?


I was going to say social media but without even knowing his/her name that may be very difficult. You know the woman’s name so you can see if you can find pics of the child through her profile and then follow the breadcrumbs to their own profile and reach out through PM.

I have to ask… how do you even know this without having some kind of paternity test?!


Haven’t used them, yet… However, I have them in mind in case someone brushes me the wrong way at the bar or I have a similar problem. I think you’re looking at 8,000-10,000 for a person search but your case might be a little more complex.

Message around and get some quotes to see who’s the cheapest. Use translate in your browser or get a friend who can speak Chinese to help you. Good luck!

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It seems that you will at least need some basic information. This you should be able to get off your friends who knew about this kid!

If not… don’t worry you can still do a face-to-face consultation and see if they can help.



If your search is not successful, you could use one of the DNA matching services. Your child might one day use that to find out about their roots. Your DNA will match and one can establish contact.


Well this is the part where Taiwan really will help to solve this.

Government records are kept forever. So find someone reputable, probably a retired detective or one doing this part time (security at you relevant government office in Taiwan might be able to help you), and give them the basics.

Your name, her name, when you were in Taiwan. Addresses at that time (so they can cross reference this with household registration records). Her parents address if you know it. Where she worked. And possibly phone numbers.

It’ll take a couple of weeks after that. If she isn’t Taiwanese then records will only exist until her time of departure.

Best of luck.

how did this just suddenly come to light 20 years later?

Find them, take photos, video, whole shebang, 80-120K NTD. I know because I asked for a friend recently :wink:

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