Tsai Ing-wen's PhD thesis



This would be the Cambridge Institute of Further Studies, Alabama, achieve a PhD with your life experiences, no money down? :blush:

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Do Taiwanese Presbyterians find independence important? Yes. Is it more important than stopping same sex marriage for the fundamentalists among them? No.

Are the members of Island of Joy and Peace fundamentalist of the deep green agenda? No. They can’t do anything more aggressive than Tsai, since the US will not allow it no matter who’s in office. They are fundamental about the Christian view of marriage. Well, not fundamental enough to forbid divorce like the old days, but fundamental like their evangelical counter parts in the US.

I guess so @hansioux. I just can’t help feeling that without their freedom to express what they may believe in , they can’t see the wood for the trees :unamused:

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When I applied to do a master’s at Manchester University they asked to see my transcripts. Unfortunately, the university where I did my bachelor’s had lost them. That university was Manchester University.

So, I got rejected.


We just don’t like Southern softies :smirk:That does sound unfair though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

PhD? No sweat!

There are only 3 dissertations in 1984 online. Does that mean LSE only graduated 3 doctorates a year? Total nonsense. We have 3 or 4 per year then suddenly when you get to 1990 there’s over 80.

Yeah, this is much ado about nothing.



My friend says he has written two, both for high level people here and only 50, 000 NTD a pop.

I am willing to write one for someone . @BiggusDickus willbe in charge of the grammatical accuracy , I am just the ideas man :joy:


So, that WAS the title of your thesis, no?

Basically they write this shabby one with wrong stats , almost eligilble sentences and then someone like me puts it into Crusher level English then someone like you edits it the second time to put it into @shiadoa level English.
Paying an extra premium could get it a look.over by @geajvop

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I need to consider carefully before liking that @crusher :ponder:


And there will be massages by young women in uniform when your shoulders get tense.

That would be the “ perfect “ tense ? I will have to take advice :wink:

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“Turns out people prefer getting wasted to pretty much anything else” followed by
“Everything is wrong, but I know why”
Sadly the University has lost them all
then I tried
“It’s much harder to catch a fish when it has gone extinct”
I tend to be more scientific these days . Working on:
“Shocking people in the butt makes them pee,but only if you do it right”


this is why you ended up in hospital :wink:

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Lots of Fundie preachers that are doctors. PhD, 3 pages photocopied and doctorate awarded by Podunk Bible College.

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My diploma for my master’s degree got bent, so I requested a new one. By the time it came, the school changed presidents, so the name of the president on the new diploma was different from the original, because it’s the president that gives the diploma.