Tsai Ing-wen's PhD thesis

It’d be more unconvincing if an organization in China was funding a person or people in Taiwan to publicly disparage you. :grin:


I think your missing the point though. Government should be above going after political opponents for such petty things. While I agree that green terror does not equal white terror, it seems like another form of unnecessary terror nonetheless.

“Green terror” is not a thing. You sound tone deaf and absurd saying that.

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I dunno, this movie was pretty terrible…

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It’s a figure of speech lol

I wanted to do a master’s at The University of Manchester and they required my transcripts. I contacted The University of Manchester, where I’d completed my bachelor’s 20 years previously, and they had no record of me. I consequently got rejected for the master’s.

I suppose the onus was on me not to lose them, but it did feel a bit unfair.

At least you don’t have to fill out that opt out of student search form.

Or at least colour blind. Which would not be so terrible.

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Dunno that the onus is on you, really. I’d have thought keeping records of that kind of thing was part of their implied claim not to be a half-assed Mickey Mouse institution.

I’d guess if that happened in the US they’d get their half-ass sued


Yeah. Who’s to stop me from forging it if there is no way to verify alumni?

It sure is fascinating the attention such libel allegations get in Asia. Elmer Fung alleged CSB plagiarised his thesis–8 months in jail. The press still write about Soong’s and Fung’s role in this: James Soong: The End of an (Authoritarian) Era in Taiwan – The Diplomat

And yet, in dealing with similar nonsense-type of allegations nearly 35 years later, the oppressed party becomes the oppressor.

In North America, people don’t give a damn about your thesis. The ones that read mine could be counted in the single digits. :smile: :smile:

I think the allegations are hogwosh but looking over the correspondences available online, there are some irregularities that invite further scrutiny: “President Tsai Ing-wen’s student record states: “10/11/82 WD from course—financial difficulties.” None of this is relevant to the allegations, but where there are non-truths provided, people often keep digging.

She comes from a very wealthy Hakka business family, so I doubt there would have been financial difficulties of any kind.

In other words, I think she graduated, the allegations are weak, but there are enough administrative anomalies that could peak peoples’ interest. I think it will all come to nothing though and that is fine.

In a free society, you tolerate the nutters. I think some of the people in this thread think such lenience should only apply to one side of the spectrum. Dangerous Cultural Revolution type of groupthink. The DPP light greens have to really be aware of this from within the deep green cadres.


So, don’t you believe in people going to prison for financial fraud, either? It’s just “free speech” when some scumbag convinces a little old lady to turn her life’s savings over. How about threatening to kill her if she doesn’t? Free speech too, after all she could just not believe the threats? How about false criminal allegations to try to send someone to prison for crimes that were never committed?

Lies aren’t protected in ANY domain. When someone lies, they should be punished. (Minor exceptions for answering “do these pants make my ass look fat?” and similar, where telling your wife that her fat ass makes her fat ass look fat is liable to get you killed.)

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I believe here, as has been explicitly referenced, we are talking about libel based on interactions with politicos with regards to academic qualifications. Chen went to jail for such libel (pushed by Fung and Soong) implying Fung had plagiarised. I am mentioning that 8 months in 1986 vs; up to five years now seems authoritarian, especially when the oppressed are now oppressing. I also think questioning academic qualifications in Asia seems akin to questioning peoples’ taxes in the US. Should significant chunks of the US be brought up on libel for attacking Trump on his tax records? I would have been against Chen receiving 8 months back in the 80s and certainly against such strong armed prosecution now (even for ridiculous assertions).

I think this is a very fair, balanced and moderate position although it has been criticized as elitist on here (hilarious since it is essentially libertarian and liberal).

The nastiest arguments about Taiwan politics on here don’t seem to be KMT vs; DPP but between people that are sympathetic to the greens (many thinking they can do no wrong, others with more pragmatic views).

if the “this” means you would have been against Chen receiving 8 months back in the 80s and certainly against such strong armed prosecution now, I don’t think it is criticized as elitist on here.

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Seriously? Anything? Deep fakes?