Tsai vs. Han, Sports Policy

Han’s plan is definitely more grandiose.

Can you summarize it please?

In a minute.

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Lol. Hans #5 is funny.


Leave it to a nerd to say make a sports brain.


  1. Execute a policy athletic excellence.
  2. Encourage enterprises to invest.
  3. Integrate international competition events.
  4. Start developing sports at lower levels.
  5. Take better care of player careers.


  1. Create a sports ministry. Promote sports policy in every direction.
  2. Promote to the forefront the creation of a plan to start [physical]education at lower levels and the development of topnotch athletes.
  3. Sports lottery moved to the grassroots level.
  4. Provide excellent players with lifetime injury insurance.
  5. Promote sports for the common people: A “Taiwan loves to exercise” exhibit. Create a “sports island.”
  6. Encourage big-time sporting activities.
  7. Forcefully develop big-name sporting industries.

Forumosa is blocked at work so I had to type it out on my phone.

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Tsai: pro flag amd country dignity

Han: pro flower logo and bending over

Some of Han’s ideas are pie-in-the-sky.
Some of them are dumb.
Some of them are good.

In none of them have faith his ability to implement.

It’s 腦not 島 no less cheesy.

Sports island lol.

Imo, the best move is to get kids going in sports and physical activity. It’s too late for adults. Habits don’t form in day.

Figure out how kids can spend less time at buxiban and school and more time for extra curricular sports. Have more than the 1 time a week P.E class in public school. Build more basketball courts, soccer fields, etc so kids can go play.

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Both candidates have proposed starting younger.

I would also:
Establish a sports science research unit like Australia.

Pick out kids with the best vision to become
Hitters instead of pitchers. Pro hitters have elite vision, as documented in The Sports Gene.