Tuesday club

I never get weekends off in my job. In fact, Tuesdays are the only days I’m guaranteed to have off (I have every other wednesday too.) It’s really a little depressing to have to work when everybody else is playing and then being on your own when your day off comes along.

Last tuesday, I cleaned my apartment. I even defrosted the refridge. Then I realized I need to get out more on my day off.

Next tuesday I am going to go to Yangmingshan and hopefully hike up seven-star mountain (七星山). Does anyone else who have tuesdays off want in?

I’m guessing teaching makes you work on weekends and only Tuesdays off?
If you have a bike, there’s rides all over Taipei city, along the riverfront, or back into Wulai/Hsin-tien (lots of threads here on those topics).

I suggest waking up at 7am on Tuesdays and spend the whole day outdoors. It’s worth it most times.

I would be interested in Tuesday club even though I have weekends. Many people have Tuesday off because of the primary school schedule, which has the kids in school until 4 PM on Tuesdays only.

Anything you do starting after next week would be fun for me (before then my bushiban is on winter camp schedule, don’t even get me started). Would you head up to Yangmingshan some other time?

This week it’s seven-star mountain. I don’t really know about future tuesdays. But I would like to make it a regular-ish thing.

I think there’s a good chance I’ll be going on my own this time, but that’s OK too. Maybe I’ll bring my schnauzer dog for company. She always seems to be free on Tuesday.

The first Tuesday Club “meeting” was a great success despite the fact that I couldn’t find anybody else to turn up. I think just the fact that I said I was going to do this stopped me from sleeping on Tuesday and got me heading for Chihsing mountain instead.

View up the mountains from Siao You Ken (小油坑)

Smoking sulphur

Near the main peak

View while coming off the east peak towards len shui ken (冷水坑)

I do not have a scooter, so I took the bus. I recommend taking the 260 or the Red 5 from Shilin or Jientan. Then you can take the 108 bus that goes around the park (only during flower season or weekends during the rest of the year.)

The only disappointment was the “lake of dreams,” which is more like the “damp patch of earth of dreams” for some reason, even though winter and spring is supposed to be wetter season.