Tungsten PDA

Anyone know where I can buy Palm Tungsten PDA:s in the Taoyuan/Taipei area. I have been everywhere in Taoyuan and they just shake their head when I ask. Seems they only got Pocket PC.

I’m pretty sure any large electronic store (3C/Sunfar) could order it for you. The 3C store in Chiayi could order one for me. They said it would take about three days to get here. Best of luck.

They should be in almost every store that sells pocket PC. I think I’d have trouble finding a store that didn’t have them. Those yellow 3C stores carry them. Some stores in Nova at Taipei main have them. Eslite (but it’d be expensive). The Sogo and some department stores won’t have them, but any “real” general electronics store should.

Tried Nova at Taipei main, but they only had Tungsten T5 which is too expensive too me. Want the Tungsten E PDA. The guy claimed it was impossible to order too.
Also tried the 3C store next to TaiMall in Taoyuan but they did not have it, said the Tungsten brand is very “old” and no one buys it anymore…

Anyone got any other ideas??

I visited the USA and purchased a Sony Clie. Seemed cheaper than here. Have you checked the Palm Tungsten in the states for price?

Sony has navigation problems, it is still invaluable because I

move files between work and home computers just docking a cable

I can take pics with it of work problems to email.

and normal PDA functions.

Ideally, I would like the next one to have a better quality picture, mpeg player, documents to go (for office files to function)

and it would be great to have telephone function and email. Not sure if all that is available yet?