Turkish Specialties in Taipei - SAFRANBOLU


Nice review of a Turkish place – lots of pictures, too :slight_smile: I haven’t been here yet, I will soon thanks to this. I am always up for some Turkish food :yum:

Tips for a mid- to high-end restaurant with good vegetarian options?

Indeed, I’ll definitely be checking that out.


They got this dude working there?


I like Safranbolu quite a bit. They have not-particularly-appealing specials at lunch (11:30am to 1pm?: but just slightly cheaper versions of their more basic mains). They’ve got set meals any time, which I do recommend: I believe it’s add 300 for soup, drink (ayran!), appetizer, and dessert. Well worth it. I’ve found it’s a place where if I try to keep the bill low, I don’t particularly enjoy it, but if I splurge it’s a great meal.

Plus it’s a nice-looking restaurant inside. Nothing spectacular, but it does make you wonder why so many Taipei eateries are … less nice.

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/safranboluturkishrestaurant


Oh, I’ve been to this place before. The food was alright, but service was slow and they didn’t have two of the items on the menu I wanted to order at the time. They did comp us a couple of desserts though, so they’re willing to address problems as best they can.

If I’m being completely honest, we ate there over a year ago and haven’t been back but it was worth a try. I can’t speak to how authentic the food was but it was pretty good.