Turn .wmv file into VCD?

I have a Windows Media video file that I want to burn on a VCD so that I can play it on any VCD player.

I know that I’d need to convert the video format, and that VCDs need a number of file folders to be there.

Is there a freeware/open source program that would help me do this? Best of course would be one that could automate the process.

Thanks in advance.


You can create a VCD compatible mpg file with tmpgenc , and your CD burner software should be able to burn it as a VCD.

Joesax, someone will come along and give you a more precise answer soon (edit, BFM was quick) but a great site for finding tools for functions like this is videohelp.com/ I find it very handy.

Use virtualdub and TMPGEnc.

To stop the sound and video going out of sync, encode from separate audio and video files.

These two help files should tel you how to do it.



(And I just noticed that those are from the site Amos mentioned).


Thanks very much BFM, Amos and Bu Lai En! Virtual Dub doesn’t work with .wmv but tmpgenc did a fine job on its own with no audio sync problems. (The help page that Bu Lai En linked to said that sync problems tend to occur with VBR MP3 and AC3 audio, which I presume are embedded in DivX files or something similar, not .wmv ones).

Nero Ultra Edition might do the job.
There’s also another product called NeroVision.

[quote=“Shenme Niao”]Nero Ultra Edition might do the job.
There’s also another product called NeroVision.[/quote]Thanks. I made the .mpg file with tmpgenc then created the VCD with Nero 5. But after your post I tried dragging the .wmv file directly into the “VCD compilation” window. Nero analysed the file successfully so, as you say, it’s probably possible to burn VCDs from .wmv files in one step using Nero.