Turtle Island dive trip - July 17

Would anyone like to dive Turtle island on Sunday, July 17?

We have TWO confirmed divers, need 6 more.


Boat, captain, dive master, 2 dives: NT$15000 (divided by total number of divers).

For 8 divers that will be NT$1875 each.

NOTE: Tanks (air/Nitrox) and weights are NOT included and will need to be picked up by YOU from LongDong or Taipei on Saturday or EARLY Sunday morning.


NO bus or van will be organized, so it is your responsibility…there may be space in some cars


PM me (John)

This is somewhere I have been hoping to get to, unfortunately there are two reasons stopping me at the moment. Firstly I am writing this from my hospital bed where I am on a continuous course of antibiotics and I am due to fly out on Sunday.

However I am back on about the 8th of August and will be looking to play, there are also a group of other divers that often come out with me, so please keep the details handy for August.

Finally I am already thinking about green or Orchid Island at Chinese New Year 2012.

The dive master we spoke to does not take divers out in August due to weather conditions, so for this season only July is free.

There are 6 divers going now, 2 spaces left.

As for CNY diving…my personal preference is to dive outside Taiwan during long breaks (so many awesome dive sites around the coral triangle), and I only dive in Taiwan during long weekends.

However, Andy Gray organises long weekend and CNY trips in Taiwan.

His website: www.taiwandive.com


Will post here if there are any last minute cancellations


Will post here if there are any last minute cancellations[/quote]

Bit of advice…Keep 50 bar or so at the surface while you are diving the vents…The sulfur fumes can really get to you while you are waiting for the dive boat to pick you up and it’s nice to have some clean air on you…

Have a great time…

Thanks for the tip!!

can you post a number or contact details for person who is responsible for the boat so that i can try and se up another outing.