TV Channels, Mediacenter and Home Automation

Hi Guys,

now that I have sorted out the Internet stuff, it’s on to the home cinema and the other electrical things.

I had a look around and found Their settop box digital service seems to have a decent selection of international channels.

Just wondering about the alternatives? Does installing a Satellite dish offer any advantages ?

I am also looking for home automation stuff like electrical controlled projection screen as well as windows shutters.

Would anybody have some tips on where to find shops that specialize on these sort of things where I can source the equipment/help me plan for the installation as part of the redeoration of the appartment ?

What I also have not figured out yet is the power situation.
From what I understood the appartment is actualy fed by 220V which gets split into 110V phases.
Can I install 220V outlets for my hong kong 220V devices using two phases or do I still need to buy a converter that will transform the voltage and 50Hz to 60Hz?

Any advice appreciated.