TV repairman in Daan area

do you guys knows of TV repairman who can speak even a little english and who can come to my place? i tried looking around tong hua for those places with tien nau in chinese hoping to get someone to come to my place but i could only see plumbers and no tv repairmen. thanks!

TV repairmen are a dying breed. Better go to any chain -Best, Zhuenguo Dientzu, that yellow big store- and ask them to send someone over/give you the service number for the brand of your TV. Good luck.

do as the Taiwanese do, throw it in the gutter and go buy another.

Ehem, if he buys a new one, he doesn’t even have to bother to throw it out himslef: there is a new law that says that the new appliance seller has to accept/take the old appliance to recycle. :discodance:

Thanks for the comments, but the TV is an unnamed brand. It still works with a DVD but the cable channels are too bad. the remote doesnt work. I tried to buy a universal remote but none of them accepted this unnamed brand. Or maybe I just couldnt read the chinese instructions haha. But yeah, I’ve been thinking of just buying a new one.