Is the GIO really going to take TVBS apart, brick by brick? … 2003277940

GIO readies the blowtorch for TVBS (is the headline above)

If I were TVBS, I’d have two or three of my top reporters do a thorough expose on Pusuya Yao. :smiling_imp:

Given his taste for stewardesses and nurses and given his position of power, there surely is some power imbalance there, no? :smiling_imp:

I’m not a huge fan of the China Post, but this article is spot on:

[i]TVBS has been playing a key role in exposing the profiteering scandal associated with the Kaohsiung mass rapid transit project and involving Chen Che-nan, a former secretary general of the Presidential Office, through its political talk show “2100 All People Talking.” The TV program has been a fierce critic of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party.

Its latest explosive revelation is of Chen Che-nan’s gambling visit to South Korea with a key suspect in the Kaohsiung MRT corruption scandal. The scandal has created a political storm for President Chen Shui-bian and DPP.

In its statement, TVBS stressed that a screening committee under the GIO has already approved TVBS’s license renewal application, and therefore it cannot accept the request by the GIO that TVBS submit additional documents for another review.

TVBS has long strictly supervised the performance of the government and offers truth to its audience through its news programs, without targeting criticisms on any particular political parties or individuals, the statement said.

Democratic politics and freedom of speech have been the core values of Taiwan, and therefore the government should stop undermining such core values.

Meanwhile, Chairman Ma Ying-jeou of the opposition Kuomintang (KMT) said yesterday if the government moves to kill off a cable TV station for exposing scandals involving the government, the public will protest. [/i]

The sad part is that there is no cover up that this is obviously motivated by political retribution.

Not a surprise. Taiwan political culture doesn’t change just cause the ruling party changed.

Paraphrasing sandman liberally, there’s no difference between green dung and blue shit. Dung and shit are the same. :laughing:

The DPP made a big mistake by not purging the media of KMT members and influence.

TVBS’ program was pretty accomodating to all political pursuasions. It was not necessarily pan blue in its entire existance. Many heavy hitters from the DPP have appeared on the program before to voice their displeasures with the KMT.

It is really a shame they have to make up stories to shut down a media outlet. If this process continues, more and more people will side with TVBS because they are being victimized for obvious reasons.

Not a surprise. Taiwan political culture doesn’t change just cause the ruling party changed.

Paraphrasing sandman liberally, there’s no difference between green dung and blue shit. Dung and shit are the same. :laughing:[/quote]

Blue shit smells nicer. :laughing:

Green is more organic anyway :raspberry:

What would you know about it, “Stinky Harbor.”

It’s stinky because of the Chinese PLA troops tormenting the HongKongese people.

My wife is a big fan of this nightly program. Thus, I have a small familiarity with it.
I like the moderator; he appears to be as fair and balanced in his mod duties as is possible.
One thing I do notice - and I do not speak or understand Chinese so I am only going with practiced observation - The KMT speakers almost always are the better dressed and more personable speakers. Just an observation.

Having said that, I again admit my limitations as to language.
Its a lively show and the voices on the call-ins are sometimes a real hoot.

I like the matching wardrobes of the studio audiences also.
Cool hats.

How can the DPP not think anyone will notice the connection between TVBS covering political scandal and asking hard questions of their politicians and the current “investigation”? I’m not sure how it could be more blatantly obvious. What, the DPP just “discovered” that TVBS was a branch of HK’s TVB now?

Imagine Larry King grilling Republican officials on TV and then being investigated over his licensing…it would cause an uproar in any country. Except China, where it happens all the time. It’s a national disgrace that it would happen here. Then again, the GIO got away with effectively shutting down those other stations, so perhaps it thinks it can do whatever it wants now.

Sorry, a tad out of the loop here in democratic free HK . . . the GIO is being dismantled itself, innit? Is that an end to al those fine rags like, Free China whatever, etc, as well?

By the way, agree wholeheartedly Poagao. But if the GIO is closing down, and I presume this is to shake off the days of political interference in the media, why act on TVBS?


Personally, I’m starting to suspect that someone wanted to help the passage of the NCC bill (which is going to replace the GIO) by putting an incompetent in charge of the GIO, thus discrediting it. Step forward Pasuya Yao.

Until the NCC goes into effect, the GIO is responsible for monitoring the media - and so if someone makes a claim about TVBS, it’s still the GIOs job to investigate. The new body still has to be ratifed by the president (the DPP are muttering about a constitutional ruling before that), and then the legislature has got to have another punch-up to decide who the non-political (ho ho ho) members of the new body will be … so still some way off yet.

The GIO will close eventually, but both sides are jockeying to gain control of the NCC that will replace it and thus control the media. Most likely it will probably end up being similar to the GIO in everything but name. Whichever side ends up controlling the media, sadly, will probably end up misusing that power, as seems to be the case now.

Xianggangduli?!!! :loco:
What the hell is “Hong Kongnese”? Did you just make that up?

If TVBS is 100% owned in capital by foreigners, it should be fined, asked to reform itself and follow the law, and if it refuses, shut down. The question is: is TVBS wholly foreign owned? Fess up, TVBeeEss!

Yeah, we have to protect ourselves from Communist influence. If we’re not careful, we could start acting like them and start attacking dissenting media and groups. :astonished:

I recommend careful review of this DIY Protection Site

Aren’t all pan-Blue considered foreign on Taiwan?