TW Receipt Lottery Automation

I saw some discussion of this from 2011 but wondering if there is something new? I want to plug my iPhone into the laptop and scan the receipt lottery QR codes to excel. (does it have a date embedded)?

Someone has come up with a quick solution but I know neither excel nor QR apps that well. I do tend to generate too many receipts to be doing this manually = lazy! Just checking…


Hi CJ,

I use the app 哈啦money. I scan each receipt every time I buy something. Every other month, it notifies me whether there’s a winning receipt in my stash. If I have a winner, I dig through and find it. If not, I chuck the stash. This app can also export to excel.

There’s other apps. Search the app store for 台灣發票.

There’s also 手機條碼 (cell phone barcode). It’s a bit of a pain to set up… but winnings are automatically deposited into your bank account.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Can you also classify the type of expense for financial control? Like food, entertainment, transport, education, etc.

Yes. The QR code of your receipt lists each item of what you bought in that purchase. When you scan it, the app looks the items up online and tries to guess what category each individual item should be classified as. It’s only right half the time… but you can recategorize items easily.


Yeah, but remember, the government or even a higher authority, (spouse) will know what your buying and you may be question about your caffeine intake or something like that.