TWD 5m for 11 years

Just saw this in the news - three people who have had their murder convictions reversed and who have been on death row for 11 years are getting a total of TWD 15 million in compensation: … w-1.252323

That’s only TWD 5million each.

That’s about US$ 15,000 per year.

That is all they get for 11 years of hell of being told they’re about to die, then having their sentence reversed, then having their reversal reversed and being told they’re about to die again and so on.

Yeah, that does sound high.

It’s a miracle they got out. The legal system(s) on this continent don’t usually install filters for the effluent


Its a new thing that they are getting any money. And not just 90nt a day or something.

The legal system has had limits put on it in terms of trial number and time waiting for trial. Previously there were no limits and they could keep retrying you to try and get the conviction to stick. A lot of officials are convinced these guys did it, but without firm evidence you can’t just stick them away and Im not convinced they did it on opinion alone.