Twitter Bans Donald Trump

They succeeded in delaying the execution of tasks prescribed by the constitution for several hours, this is sedition.

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Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were censoring accounts in Uganda during an election, so Uganda banned them from the country.

The irony:

Who are you referring to? Quote?

Another had the suggestion of rounding them up in what sounded something similar to the cultural revolution.

Law enforcement rounding up criminals sounds pretty normal.

More like an operation run by the CIA.

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Twitter also purged a ton of Qanon accounts yesterday, I read.

Really, good for them. Their bottom line has taken a hit, obviously they’re willing to take stands on doing the right thing.

This is kinda peripherally related:

• A friend emails: “I just performed a test of Facebook censorship. I posted the iconic photo of Jackie Robinson stealing home, with the caption, ‘Stop the Steal.’ Gone in under 30 seconds. Twice.” (It did finally stick on the third try, though.)

Good article by Lee Smith. Full article backed up on archive for those who can get past a soft subscribe.

But this is not censorship. Rather it is part of the strategic logic of mass conflict. The leadership of the political, corporate, and cultural establishment that today rules America shut down the communications of those against whom they are waging war.

Listening to CNN and the focus is on stamping out any type of violence no matter where it comes from, saying political violence is never acceptable, now the useful idiots have served their purpose, watch and see how fast they disappear under a Biden administration since now they are now longer useful, they resort to just being idiots that need to be taken care of.

I guess it’s working as intended for FB, and people aren’t able to bypass incitement filters by being cute?

Unless they relentlessly spam FB? Whatta life. :cry:

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Ex communist democracies know a thing or two about censorship. I have a few friends from former communist countries. They hate communism with a passion:

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The Republican Congresswoman who gave directions on how to find the Speaker of the House to a murderous mob (after being warned by security guards not to) is complaining that she has been taken off Twitter. How can she instruct her followers who to kill? It’s an outrage.


Well she can say “oh but I’m an elected politician. How can you take away the voice of millions …”