Twitter loses 5 Billion in market value

Twitter loses 5 billion in shares after the Trump ban and Elon Musk calls for the break up of Amazon


That’s the free enterprise system.

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Good time to buy. I feel this is just over reaction there will be a correction.

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Jeff B is looking very orange lately.

One wonders if there is something afishy going on: the stock market did not blip over the Congress attack yet the companies that opposed Trump are hurting? Mmmm

They’ve been minting coin for years on Trump. I’m sure they won’t be going broke now, though.


That’s fine. They gain when Drumpf is thrown out. Short term losses only matter to shorters

Why would they gain as Tempogain was saying they have made much from Trump. Do you think Biden will be tweeting a lot ? I doubt that.

I’m sure we’ll all be waiting eagerly for Biden’s next tweet, lol. Thank God

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No way. It may make a small rebound , but I would say in the long run it will pretty much fail unless it morphs into something else.

You think Twitter is going to fail?

The platform Twitter , yes I think it will, However I do not think FB/Instagram will.

I’d bet against you. It is wildly popular and used in many contexts.

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Ok. How long a time frame and what is the prize?

Twitter didn’t lose anything, investors did.

What you have in mind?

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Ah I will send you the price of a Starbucks coffee of your choice. Ha. 18 months ok. I would actually like to say 2 years but that is too far away. Just a bit of fun. Ok?

This is interesting

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