Two dead at Taoyuan airport

ODD ! Very odd. Bears further investigation.


ODD ! Very odd. Bears further investigation.[/quote]
I assume it’s just a statistical fluke, but it did start me wondering how often people suddenly die in public places. … id=2832951

More details here. Maybe not diabolical. Seems the Swiss guy may have had some issues. Perhaps downing a bottle of scotch was not healthy. The American guy was 68 so was pretty old. Could have been in poor health.

A long long time ago, when CKS was new, I was at the airport when there was a commotion. I went to have a look and an asian guy. Well dressed, seemed maybe 40 ish, had collapsed right at the arrivals hall. Apparently dead of a heart attack.

But I had thought something was up with two dead in one night at Taoyuan. After just seeing a Bond movie, thought something sinister was up.

Spy versus spy kind of thing.

Damn! I dropped three foreign nationals off at the airport today. All from the UK, though.

68 and a plane trip? Maybe some embolism, heart or circulatory problems. But a 44 year old? Unless he had a previous condition, even with a full bottle in, I’d say odd.

Honestly, plane travel is not recommended under certain conditions and more people die on planes that we`d like to admit.


More details here. Maybe not diabolical. Seems the Swiss guy may have had some issues. Perhaps downing a bottle of scotch was not healthy. [/quote]
As written, they found an empty wine bottle near him, but the do not say what happened to the whiskey. :wink:
If he did not meet up with his wife as planned, went to the airport, however, and checked in, but then did not board his flight, it sounds like there was something wrong with him already earlier. A topic for a mystery novel: perhaps a suicide by medication and alcohol?

Perhaps when they said “wine bottle” they meant a bottle of alcohol. Which could have been the whiskey.

Perhaps he wanted to get sloshed before the flight. Checked in and found a quiet corner, then the bottle of whiskey was too much.

Where was the wife physically while this was all taking place. One should enquire into that as well.

Even weirder: today a 25 year old Taiwanese male dead while on the plane to Indonesia. Report says he started convulsing, sweating profusely, then just dead.

A similar thing happened to a friend of my wife last year. A guy in his late 20s, no health issues, went on holiday to Europe and died on the plane.
In his case he had some alcohol while he was on the plane and this thing caused a latent heart condition to appear. Basically he had some genetic disease that affects the heart but is almost impossible to discover until it clearly shows up. Unfortunately the plane was not an ideal place for that to happen, and he was already dead when they landed in Europe.
Sometimes life really sucks.

I know I have a problem and the doc always gives me nitro to take with me. Not that I believe it would do much but one does what one can.

I guess long flights strain the body so if you’re going to drop off the perch, this hastens it. Stress, bad food, dehydration, no sleep, viruses, spores and bacteria making your immune system wonky, more alcohol, carrying heavy stuff, etc, etc.

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Yes, indeed. Air travel is very trying. Especially those long long flights.

I’m so done with those long flights, stuck in a tube , sandwhiched in an economy seat with people blocking your way to the aisle.

My flight to NYC from SFO took bout 5 hours and it seemed very very long. I had a window seat, which i liked. But in order to get to the toilet I had to displace a couple with a baby. So basically i drank nothing and only went to the jon once in the middle of the flight. Squished into a tight spot in that A320. But my flight there was something like 500 bucks while First was 2200 !! Not an option sadly. And to think flying back to Taiwan would be something like flying from SFO to NYC, not stopping and flying right back to SFO and then without stopping flying to LAX and then without stopping, flying back to SFO. And that is how long a flight from SFO to TPE takes !! Madness!

Its not a wonder i absolutely HATE flying long distance now. I can take a short one or max two hour hop nowadays in Economy.

I wouldn’t even enjoy a long flight in First, much less in the ships hold that Economy is.

tommy, this is all you need to make those hours fly by. Just warn your neighbour that you might dribble into his lap.


Its not a wonder i absolutely HATE flying long distance now. [/quote]

I know that feeling. I miss my family in Europe, but the flight to get back there from Taiwan is really painful. I did it once (well, twice, since I then came back to Taiwan) and it does suck.

Weird that this case was just flying from Taipei to Indonesia. I mean, it is less than 4 hours, and the guy just dropped midway.

Guys, as an ex airline worker, I’d advise against taking any sleeping pills or anything that might incapacitate you in case of emergency -like double whisky on the rocks. For women, that includes high heels and sandals, especially flip flops. Dress to escape in a hurry and save your life, not a fashion show -very rarely movie stars fly coach.

Anyways, alcohol and/or “relaxants” on a flight are flirting with a stroke/blood clot.

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