Two dogs need a better home

Without discussing it with me, my wife agreed to temporarily take care of 2 dogs, which turned out to be they’re our dogs now. That’s the short story version. I’m not a dog person and I don’t know much about caring for dogs, nor do I want to. My wife doesn’t know much either, other than feeding and cleaning up the space they are in. I’m not sure of their age. I think the big one, Fei Lee, is 5 and the little one, Ding Dong, is 8 and from what I understand is that they are castrated. They’ve lived with Taiwanese for most of their life, so used to being caged and going to the bathroom in there or where ever they are. I never let them in the house because of that. All I know is that they seem to poop after they eat. They are quiet most of the time, and only start making noise when my wife goes to feed them. They are friendly enough with people, dogs, and cats. One female cat that’s used to being around a dog visited us and the two dogs were OK with her, other than the little dog tried to hump her to which she just walked away.

I am hoping people still look here and are interested in giving these dogs a better home than they have now. They are already giving me trouble with my landlord and she is very upset that they are here. I can see that she won’t renew my lease next year because of them.


It would help if you gave your location.

Doh, you’re right! I’m in Jubei.