Two hamsters needing a home

About 6 months ago I stumbled upon a box on the corner of the street that I live at where inside I discovered 2 young hammies. I didn’t think much at the time until the following day later the box was still there. I was sure it must’ve belonged to someone, but seeing as how they were small and hungry and left outside for a day, I took it upon myself to take them home.
Now I am forced to find them a new home. I’m hoping someone will be willing to take them in.

Can the two hamsters live together without fighting or breeding? I could take them (in Taibei) if you can’t find anyone down south.

No. I found this out the hard way. When I took them in, I had no idea how to raise hamsters. Through the months with me I have learned quite a bit about them. About a month ago, I had to seperate the two as they were constantly fighting. I discovered online that usually these types of hamsters will become like that. I have them in a large 2 story cage now. One on the top and one at the bottom. Not sure about breeding since I’m keeping them apart. If you are willing, perhaps we can make arrangements. I have grown quite fond of them and would really like someone who will love them just as much.

OK. I could keep them separate as I have a spare cage since Fatso’s untimely demise a few weeks ago. If you are not in a rush, try and find a taker in South Taiwan first. If you can only find one taker down south, I could take the other one. If nobody you know is coming up to Taibei, you could deliver the hamster(s) directly to the guard’s van on a train and I can pick it/them up from the station at the other end. My friend’s dogs traveled from Taibei to Gaoxiong and back that way.

Dwarf hamsters are very happy living in a group. The larger Syrian (golden) hamsters must be seperated.

I’m not sure what breed they are. From the sites I’ve scoured through and pics I’ve seen, I think mine are also Syrian.

Juba, thanks for offering! I’m in no rush, yet. So if anyone in the southern area of Taiwan is willing to care for them please let me know.

A quick update!

I have found a great family wanting to take in Bronx and Vegas! I will take them there in the morning.

Great. Make sure and give them a few tips on hamster care.