Two million lonely hearts

Interesting survey -to be taken with a ton of salt and a bit of humor. I do resent the term “bachelors and spinsters”. Let’s say “disserning ladies”, OK?

From CNA

Ah, the potential of this untapped market.

Amazing numbers!! Accounts for all the crazy shiaojieh stories we keep hearing about when they finally fall in love only to be duped.

Is the lower mental health because they haven’t fallen in love or vice versa? Its chicken and egg man, we need more information…surely?

The Taipei times has a bit more on the story:

[quote]As much as 14 percent of people in Taiwan over 20 years of age say they have trouble developing intimate relationships, a condition that is especially prevalent among those who have been laid off work recently, a survey said yesterday.

Fourteen percent of respondents who said they had difficulty developing intimate relationships scored an average of 73.4 points on the foundation’s mental health assessment. Compared with the average respondent’s score of 80.1 points, those who have trouble getting close also displayed symptoms of a slightly less than healthy mental condition, said project leader Tom Yang (楊聰財), who is also chief psychiatrist at Cardinal Tien Hospital’s department of psychiatry and mental health.

Of the respondents who are currently looking for a job, as much as 21 percent say they have trouble being intimate, significantly higher than those who are currently employed (12 percent).


And golden advice:

[quote]Yen advised young people attending parties to mingle more with members of the opposite sex, instead of only talking in cliques or with people they are familiar with.

“Being in an intimate relationship is an important aspect of healthy living,” he said.[/quote]

They should come to the happy hours like the rest of us.

Only the lonely…

‘In Western society’? I hate that. Dumbasses.

Well, I think it’s a very, very deep cultural thing. In general, Taiwanese strike me as being extremely introverted and into their cliques (especially their families). There’s a family system that discourages people from ever developing any independence at any level, but especially going out and being a “bad girl” for just being seen in a bar. Likewise, there’s an educational system that is totally geared towards the group and shutting up and following someone else’s orders. Are any of Taiwan’s mating woes at all surprising?

Most Taiwanese girls and boys iv known have had no trouble breeding.

Most Taiwanese girls and boys iv known have had no trouble breeding.[/quote]

Statistics would seem to suggest otherwise:

Taiwanese are the fourth worst breeders on the planet at 1.13 children per adult female (even the suicidal E.U. still manages 1.50). It’s hard to breed when your parents won’t ever let you out of the house, even if you’re 35.