Two police officers killed in Tainan

Anyone heard anything about police officers being killed in Tainan?

My wife mentioned something but when I asked her to tell me more, she said she doesn’t like to talk about sad stuff.

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The entire country of Taiwan has heard about it. It’s headline news across all media.


Everyone but me. I get my news from here. Where is the thread?


You’re in it. I suggest you Google Taiwan News


Its a man hunt. Police have released pics of the perpetrators plus the plate number of the scooter they escaped in.

Video in English

Latest news:


“suffered fatal stab wounds”

an officer’s firearm is missing and Chen is considered to be armed and dangerous, officers in all precincts in Tainan are now required to be fully armed when on patrol.

Police suspect that Chen seized the weapon before fleeing the scene.

In addition, bullet holes were found at the crime scene and police cannot rule out the possibility that, during a struggle, the suspect managed to grab the gun and used it to shoot and kill the officers.

He’s a big guy, tread carefully.

Surely they should know the answer to this by now.


One of the cops killed took care of an elderly man lost in the middle of the night in a cold front. Netizens furious at the loss of a kind and diligent official.

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Idk how Taiwans police treat cop killers. Are they going to catch him or just shoot him on sight and claim they saw him pull out a weapon?

The police suspected the wrong guy.

The real suspect was arrested in Hsinchu this morning. According to the news, he robbed a convenient store in Tainan after the killings, took a taxi to Kaohsiung (to mislead the police), then took a bus to Hsinchu… He had been in prison for 3 counts of robberies but escaped a week ago…


Dashcam footage of the incident has leaked.

Without wanting to be disrespectful: this screams of poor police training. One of the officers was armed with a gun, the other would have had a baton and pepper spray (standard police carry). Yet they were both overpowered and killed.

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I was told by various people over the years including cops that pulling a gun and shooting it even in serious situations results in a lot of questions asked and oftentimes results in cops getting in trouble.

That’s why you see on the news how brazen criminals are that they even fight with the police since they don’t worry about getting shot. Or people who refuse to stop for cops since they figure the cops can’t and won’t do anything.


This!!! My boss and colleagues were just discussing this over breakfast about how held back Taiwan cops are. They won’t use deadly force even in the most dire of situations or even if they see someone hacking someone right before their eyes. They will instead try to bark orders like “Stop! Stop! Don’t run! Yield! Stay right there! Don’t do that” until it’s too late.

Granted, this is a good way of de-escalating volatile situations that these cops are trained to do but when deadly force is required, they fail to use it for fear of repercussions like dan2006 pointed out in the post above. My colleagues are all for using deadly force if necessary and believe that the cops might have survived if one of them have shot first and asked questions later.

RIP to those 2 fallen cops who died in the line of duty. :cry:


Focus Taiwan has posted a report on these latest developments:



Hope the jail has some repercussions as well.

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Yeah apparently the perp escaped from Mingde Prison in Tainan . . .


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