Two teens get 'friendly' on KMRT

If you don’t read Chinese, the pictures here are all you need to get the gist.

There’s a publicly shared video going around FB, too. Who says Taiwan is a conservative country!!

They may start referring to the KRT as the BJRT ?

It looks from the video like she is just laying on his lap sleeping. The only thing that makes it look like anything is going on is his facial expression in the first picture.

Check out this video going around FB: … =2&theater

You can clearly see him ‘adjusting speeds’ at one point.

No, at about the 0:24 to 0:27 range, he is clearly pumping her head up and down. (The video is embedded in the other thread. It may or may not be identical to the video to which you refer.)

Oh I should probably add “NSFW” somewhere here, but then again, if it’s considered suitable for front-page headlines…

Partial translation of public reactions according to Apple Daily, along with my opinion on Apple’s coverage: