Two Towers

OK, chimneys actually…

There are two big smokestacks on the coast between Kaoshsiung and Tainan, probably somewhere north of Nantz. Can anyone tell me where they are? They’re probably on a power station.

The air was so clear yesterday that I could see them while flying over the mountains in Pingtung, altitude only 1700m. :sunglasses:

Tzoying I think, near to the Naval base.

It could also be the ICI chemical plant actually in Nantze.
Were you flying near San Ti Men?

Hmm, I think it was further north than Tzoying, certainly to the north of Fokuangshan. Hard to tell from there how far north but I’d guess about 20 maybe 30km north of downtown Kaohsiung.
Yes, I was flying about 15km north of Sandimen when I spotted them. (gotta love the spelling nazi :laughing:)

There used to be a big white radar dome on a mountain halfway or so between Tainan and Kaohsiung. Is it still there???

Dunno about the radar dome, but I figured out my towers are in Nantz.