Two years previous experience


I recently took a job as a technical writer in Taipei. The position needed a native english speaker. The company will get me the work visa etc, they told me though that I need to provide two years work experience as this is a standard requirement. Is this neccessary as the job requires a native english speaker. I though that if you can justify hiring a foreigner int other words, if no Taiwan person can do the job that this requirement is not necessary



I’m sure if you dig deep you will realize that in fact you do have two years of work experience. I was in a similar situation as you three years ago and yes it is a requirement from the Ministry of Economics. However, I was able to really examine my past and locate the two years they were asking for.


For teaching jobs, the Ministry of Education (I think) do not require the 2 years experience. However, for non teaching jobs you are dealing with a different ministry- the Ministry of Economics as the previous poster mentioned. They require the 2 years expereince on top of your degree, and there is no way for your company to get around this.

I found myself in a similar situation a couple of years ago, and was able to ‘find’ that 2 years with the help of a reference letter from a contact at home saying that I had worked at place ‘x’ for 2 years, as well as a little reworking of my degree. What else are scanners for?

No questions were asked by the MOE, and they didn’t check up on anything- I guess they just wanted to see a piece of paper and that was enough for them. It also helps if you work for a large company with connections, as they are less likely to be questioned.

As for where your employer stands on this possible deception, that’s a bit more complicated. In my case it wasn’t a problem, as the person who actually hired me was also a foreigner who had done the same thing for previous employees. In fact he was the one that told me what to do and how to do it. However, are so clued up on this and might be very hesitant to do so.


One other thing- I think the experience needs to be ‘post degree’.


Hello, just to clarify, I think you are referring to the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) unless it’s changed… has it?


Mike Sutton has stated that he recently took this job as a technical writer in Taipei. When the employer applies for the Work Permit, he should apply with the government agency which issued his company/organizational registration. In the case of a magazine or newspaper, that would be the Government Information Office (of the Executive Yuan); if in a bank or securities firm, then the Ministry of Finance; if in a manufacturing or research institution, then the Ministry of Economic Affairs; if in a private sector bushiban, then the local Department of Education, etc., etc.

The employer will certainly know under which government agency he is registered, and will have the relevant license(s) and other registration paperwork to verify it. The application for the Work Permit should then be made with that agency.