Type rush - typing speed racing game

I think we had a Chinese typing speed competition using 10fastfingers before. But this multiplayer type racing game is pretty fun.

I like to boat one because, boats, boats, boats.

So far I played 12 games, and my average WPM is 68.7, peaking at 74.8 WPM. My average accuracy is merely 90.


That’s fun!

Your waaay better than I!
WPM 41.9 and 85% accuracy

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But what language were you typing? :slightly_smiling_face:

I think we can only type in English, no?

Neat, I kept hitting backspace to correct errors, then wondering why it didn’t work, plus this is hard on this laptop. On a full sized keyboard, I’d like to think I’d easily break 50 wpm.

Been there, done that!

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After second try, I now hope I could top 60 with a little practice. This keyboard, oddly, has a right control key that is the same size as the shift key. I’ve gotten used to it, but it plays havoc at times.

Exactly! It’s like when you go to a planet with stronger gravity and a weird atmosphere and join an athletic contest, you’re at a disadvantage compared to the natives. Some planets have rules to adjust your score accordingly. :rainbow:

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I took typing as an elective course in high school on an IBM Selectric.
Best and most useful elective I’ve ever taken.
Learned how to read text and type without looking at the keyboard.
We always had those word per minute quizzes/tests.

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