Typhoon! 2004

Typhoon coming! Everyone take cover! We’re all gonna die!
Except for lane119, of course who will be holed up in a secret bunker in central Taiwan trading war stories with Lee Tung-hui.

Question!!! Hmm… this is my first time being in any kind of tropical storm -_-;; Therefore… when is this exactly supposed to happen? I live on a mountain… it doesn’t sound very safe for a typhoon to come and for me to live on a mountain… and I heard that this is a small typhoon – right? THANKS!

expect rain and winds. is your mountain side on the china side or the pacific side? unless you are getting whacked straight on it ain’t nothing to fret about.

Joannie, don’t worry too much about the typhoon. Relatively few people in Taiwan are hurt by them. Many of those who are, however, have one or more of the following reactions to the huge storms:
[ul][li]Wow! The storm is really making the sea violent. What a great time to do some fishing while standing on the very edge of the coast![/li]
[li]Darn it! The ocean’s too far away. I’ll just have to do my fishing in the flash-flood area of the local river.[/li]
[li]Damn! Some of that loose debris that’s flying around outside at 200 kph must have knocked out my cable TV. I’ll just go up on the roof now and try to fix it.[/li]
[li]Violent winds and torrential rains? What a great time to go driving on a narrow mountain road where boulders could come crashing down from the cliffs above![/li][/ul]
Resist the above urges and you should be fine.

Answer!!! I’ve been through two hurricanes. Tradition is to put tape on your windows, buy up all the bottled water and beer you can find, and get sh*tfaced. At the peak of the storm, call Domino’s and order a couple of pizzas for immediate delivery.

For bonus style points, tape the words “BLOW ME” on the windows.

I live on amountain too and I don’t care about the typhoon. If you are in a house build of something more substandial than straw and old coca-cola ad boards, you will be OK. If you are close to a sharp edge, then you might be in trouble, if the rain causes landslides.

Go to Blockbuster, stock up on movies you’ve been meaning to watch and just hang out until it blows over. Just rain and wind usually.


Even better, if you’re worried about staying up on the mountain, rent a suite at the Grand Hyatt and order room service; now that’s typhooning with style!


When’s this sucker supposed to hit Taipei, anyway?

Edit: having figured out Wolf’s diagram, looks like closest approach will be around 1400Z today, or 10pm local time.

Joannie, you’re cool up at International House. If you feel brave, you can take a hike up behind you ( :astonished: ) I mean, up behind Int’l House (come out the front door, turn left, walk up the road about 100 meters and turn left up the hill.
Blow those cobwebs away and watch the typhoon sweep across Hsintien and Mucha!

‘Relatively few’ is relative.
The death toll from Typhoon Toraji was 72 (in 2001), and caused the most destruction in nearly four decades when Typhoon Gloria left 312 dead in its wake in 1963. Most of the deaths were due to landslides and mudslides triggered by the heavy orographic rainfall.

Orographic, happy mountain-dweller, means: The study of the physical geography of mountains and mountain ranges.

Looks like the Typhoon decided to change its path. It’s a nice dry day here in Kaohsiung with clouds and some sun.

WE’RE SAVED! Thank you, Superman!

[quote=“lime*monkey”]Looks like the Typhoon decided to change its path. It’s a nice dry day here in Kaohsiung (Gaoxiong) with clouds and some sun.

Don’t believe a word lime monkey says. Typhoon Xy107 did change course, and bypassed Kaohsiung, but she went back out to sea, did a few circle dances for the Philippinos watching from Ilocos Norte and then switched course again and heading straight for Kent Ing as we speak. Then up the entire east coast and out to sea.

Well, that was pretty hairy, eh? :unamused:

There’ a Nor’ E’ a-blowin’ in from the So’ West. The devil’s in a tiff and he’d like to blow yer grannies knickers down past 'er knobbly knees. So take care or you’ll end up like Captain Jack

Ummm, yarrrrr?

Oh, for heaven’s sake, people, it’s “Arrr!”

And besides, "Talk Like A Pirate Day" isn’t till September 19 :laughing:

This ain’t nuthin’ in Taipei. I’ve had worse during hurricane season in the East Coast USA.