Typhoon Guitar is moving

I just finished moving the machine. This move has cost me way more money than I have, but it’s done. I just have one AC unit that needed moving, and I’ll have to take it off on my own…

There is a lot of cleaning up to do…


Heavy metal!

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He does real nice set ups on guitars and did two nice improvements to my two banjos. This man really knows his stuff. A craftsman. I guess he might have some space in their for some guitar teachers.
The guy would probably consider having some investors.


Looking good man! sure hope the landlord isnt attached to the flooring haha.


It’s cheap plastic fake wood floor. It isn’t damaged but some part is sticking up. I will need to glue it back down.

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Nice to see this, looks like lots of room to grow.


Yea, right now I need to get those machines spinning, they use 3 phase motor and my new place don’t have 3 phase power. I need money to buy some good inverters so I can run those motors.

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