Typhoon Guitar is moving

So due to the whole urban renewal and all that, building I’m in is going to be torn down. So I have to move.

Tentative move date will be October or so, but likely the move will happen late september.

New address will be

Actually this is the next door neighbor, but the actual address will be that but with house number of 14.

It is about 10-20 minute walk from Huilong MRT station, in an alleyway.

This is what the location looks like from the inside:

The photo does not really show it but this place is quite large. I’ll have about 3x the floor space as my current place, so even when I move in it will look kinda empty. A glass door will be installed where the big hole in the wall is.


Looks good and nice that you have more floor space!


Looks good…Share some photos when moved over.


Looks good. Are you going to have a display room in the front? That would be really cool, and unique, to have your shop behind your dsiplay room for people to see while shopping. Bet no other guitar shop doea that yet


That sounds like a good idea for someone who actually makes non-commissioned guitars. Unfortunately, last I heard, OP only makes a guitar when someone agrees to buy it from him.

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Eh the place needs to be kitty escape proof. Cats will try to get back to the original location.

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Looks good

That’s the plan… make some non commissioned guitars and display them out front. Might take a few months to fill it up though.

As for cat escape proof, will see…


He should put a place the cat can comfortably sit near the front window. It will attract people and the cat will be entertained watching the world outside.


The problem is the front window is only so much area, and there is a high risk the cat will get loose. The environment is better though, no stray dogs shitting everywhere but on a regular basis a very large truck will pass by, which takes up the entire width of the road. When the truck pass by it’s like a solar eclipse…

I mean the location is really cheap for what it is but the fact is, it is located inside an alley so visibility is somewhat limited. There is a nursing home across the road though.

You can put it up higher up where it is not in the way of display.
Cats don’t mind heights and like climbing up. It will give a place to retreat from customers when the cat wants to be left alone.


Nice digs. Kitchen looks more equipped than my gongyu.

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What do you mean? Just a sink and a stand for the stove and nothing else…

But I don’t plan on using gas stoves there… I’d be asking for CO poisoning if I do. I have two 3500 watt induction cooker that will do the job.

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He is joking about his shitty kitchen :wink:

I think it would look fugging amazing if you setup a clean, wood based display room with an opnely visual shop in the background setup to let people see how it runs. That would be so cool. With some thought out marketing that could easily become THE niche guitar shop in taiwan and would almost certainly gain a kind of cult following after some years. Seems like an amazing long term strategy. Plus, to be honest, you couldnt have a big open shop in downtown main streets anyway due to noise issues. Looks like you found your nest :slight_smile:


I’ll need money to set up that kind of display… even if I do the work myself I still have to buy materials.

Step by step. Or the english translation: slow slow come :slight_smile:


Good luck on the business at the new location!


invite us to the grand opening?

As soon as I saw the photos I thought “showroom in the front, open workshop in the rear.”

You could have some kind of waist high half-wall to keep people out of the workshop. Or a glass wall / big windows (more expensive). Or just a cheap railing across the space to divide “showroom” from “workshop.”


It will be clear plastic sheet for now… I got some for free.